14 thoughts on “April 17”

  1. We have too many trees to see the sunrise here. 🙂 Pretty picture. 😀

    You could leave your yard…or you could go pick up some chocolate milk and while you are out, take a look…or you could cut down a tree…

  2. I get up about 5 each morning. I love the sunrise, and I can watch it set in the afternoon from my recliner. How great is that?

    Did you, by any chance, go out and look at the moon night before last, when two of the planets were just to the right of it and so very bright?

  3. I’ve caught it recently and hopefully will be getting some of them up here soon.

    Soon I won’t be able to catch either one as they’ll be happening too early and too late for me.

  4. I haven’t caught the sunrise lately but I love when I do. I have a picture of the sunrise from my back porch on my 40 days post. This picture is breathtaking. Your photography should be entered in a county fair or something. I’m pretty sure the flower shots could win awards.

    I have a picture of the girl that I am thinking about entering in the fair.

  5. Unfortunately, I am awake for the sunrise. I’d rather not be, though, and I avoid it at every opportunity. I prefer waking up to the sun already shining in my face. : ) But we have to get up at 6 to get the kids ready for school. It’s ridiculous. Don’t get me started.

  6. I have not seen the sun rise since I had a newborn baby. 😆 Okay, so I occasionally saw it when we lived on the truck with m’hubby.

    I see midnight quite often, though. :mrgreen:

  7. That is so beee-a-u-ti-ful.I don’t really get up in time…okay I don’t get up near in enough time to see the sunrise. If I am up that early…I’m not a very happy camper….so No I don’t see the sunrise in my part of the world. (Nevada)

  8. The sun usually comes up after I have arrived at work. Our school is in the basement of the church and we have no windows. I do however get to see the sun going down. Beautiful picture.

  9. When I leave for work it’s dark outside…so I get to see the sunrise at least 3 days a week. Each and every time it’s amazing to witness!

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