April 15

When the chips were small, every summer, they would run inside with grubby little hands, grubby little faces and grubby little feet and huge smiles on their sweet little faces.

In their grubby hands they would be carrying a bouquet of weeds flowers for me. A token of their love, a gift.

The other day, the boy ~~sans grubbiness~~ came to me, a huge smile on is face and in his hand was not a bouquet, just a single spring flower. A token of his love, a gift.

I love you too.

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12 thoughts on “April 15”

  1. I received a beautiful little flower from the twins the other day and it brought back a bucketfull of memories! How sweet and innocent they are bringing you a gift of love…waiting in anticipation for that smile of surprise and the gift of praise and thank you’s.

    I LOVE it

    Mom from Sister chics

  2. That’s so sweet that he still does that at his age. My boy is 6, and he brings me so many pretty weeds that I’ve had to figure out how to house them. So I have on my window sill 3 little votive candle cups that I can fill with water and put the purty flowers in. They work out particularly well because he picks everything with a very short stem. πŸ™‚

    I always gush over the things he brings me; you never want to discourage a man from bringing flowers. πŸ™‚

  3. Very sweet.
    I’m sure he remembers how you reacted when he was younger and he wants to bring that same sense of wonder and love to your face.

    You raised him well.

    Sometimes my kids will bring me flowers from the yard and I find some cup/vase to put them in, I do check for bugs though first.

  4. That is so sweet, he is becoming the most wonderful young man….his future wife will thank you someday for treasuring these little tokens, because he may just end up running out in the dark of the night in the middle of an electrical storm to bring back a bounty of prettiness for her, just because….

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