April 12

Last Saturday, Superman and the girl participated in a fashion show at Stuffmart.

Thrilling, I know.

The girl and I spent 4 hours, yes, F.O.U.R. hours picking out 2 outfits. I didn’t even take that long shopping when I was a teen. I am not a shopper. Yes, I realize that this makes me an embarrassment to my gender, but there it is, out in the open for all to see.

Mom and dad showed up.

Being the great daughter that I am, I made them stand with me in the underwear department. Nothing says fashion show like being surrounded by underoos.

This was my favorite outfit.

My girl really knows how to work it.

She had to have learned it from him, ’cause not only am I not a shopper, I can’t work it either.

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15 thoughts on “April 12”

  1. How awesome! Our stuffmart does not ‘do’ fashion shows. We live in the boonies.

    Your two models were ‘working it’ quite well; and I believe should get modeling contracts, because anyone who can make an outfit look good with a sticker on the front deserves a modeling contract. πŸ˜‰

  2. What do you mean you were not a shopper when you were a teen???? (the real truth is about to come out!) I distinctly remember shopping at malls with you when we were teenagers. We would spend hours there trying on clothes. You would speak French, and I would translate, albeit loosely, to all of the store clerks. We were always at the mall.
    Don’t you remember trying on all of the prom dresses at that shop at Cross roads mall in OKC?

    I remember shopping with Bev, and she and I taking turns speaking French. I remember looking at prom dresses, but I don’t remember trying them on. I remember YOU trying them on. I remember trying on jeans and tops, but not prom dresses….hmmmm…..memory repression happenin’ at the Chocolatechic house. πŸ™‚

    I also seem to remember going shopping with you just to get some lotion…….40 minutes later, still standing in front of the lotion department at Stuffmart, Chocolatechic walks away.

  3. Oooh. . . .I’m likin’ me the bag. I’ve been looking for a straw bag with a LONG handle/strap for a long time!

    Still . . .is it worth darkening the door of Stuffmart?

  4. Oh what wonderful pics Tanya! Hey and I loved shopping with my friend Sharon and we would speak in French and German too!!! I am not a shopper now, well, I only shop when it’s a necessity and not for pleasure..I don’t see it as a pleasure anymore!! Thanks for sharing awesome pics of your family.

  5. Did they get to keep the clothes? That would be nice. Superman has cute legs.
    Unfortunately they didn’t get to keep the clothing. That would have been wonderful.

    I agree, Superman has very cute legs.

  6. I too remember the hours that I spent in the girls dept. with you and your sister. The fashion show was fun, but I couldn’t find any underoos that fit…..

    the now clean-shaven gramps

  7. Great pics and I’m glad that a fun time was had by all.

    I love to shop but my girl doesn’t agree w/me about what is a good choice and what is not πŸ™„

    Yeah, I agree that the 2 of them know how to “work it” on the cat walk.

  8. That looks like fun! They do look wonderful, they’re working it reeal goood. =)

    I’m not a shopper unless there is something that I have to get, then I’m shopper.

  9. I always love your pictures, but that first one is the crispest, clearest, brightest photo I have ever seen. Awesome!

  10. Who cares if you can shop it or work it…


    You got me so tickled I choked on my water!

    The girl and Superman look like they “belong” on the run-way. And your dad… sure looks familiar… hmmm… that one has me stumped.

    You seem to have an excellent selection of underoos at your stuffmart… I’m jealous… our hick-town stuffmart only carries one kind of underoos- like ’em or leave ’em.

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