March 11

Last week, it was warm enough to grill out. The boy brought home a lovely rib eye steak for the occasion and while I went to the store to get some spinach for a salad, he fired up the grill.

I think we jinxed the weather because 2 days later, we had the biggest snow storm of the season.

First things first. You must light your fire. We absolutely love this chimney starter.   It lights your charcoal in seconds, and your meat doesn’t taste like lighter fluid.

We like to light it directly on the grill grate. It helps to warm up the grill. It also keeps you from having to transport fireball hot coals long distances, burning your hands, and wishing you could say bad words.

Now while your charcoal is busy getting toasty, gather your ingredients together.

You must get a steak. It must be a rib eye. It must.

Lightly oil your meat. The oil acts as a heat conductor, therefore your meat will cook better. (I don’t know how true that is, but it sounds good.)

It also helps the salt

and the pepper stick better.

When your coals are NASA hot,

spread them out with your Kevlar gloved hand, and watch your mother have a heart attack.

Plop your meat on the grill and cover.

Don’t ask me why the boy decided to have open flame near a gas and kerosene can. Please. I already asked, and he doesn’t seem to have an answer beyond “they were empty mom”.

Flip after 5 minutes.

Cook for another 3.

I would love to show you a picture of the perfectly cooked medium rare steak, but internet, it was gobbled up before I could grab a picture. Perfectly cooked steak waits for no man, or photographer.

March 9

It is Sunday, and I will not be attending church today.

There is 467 inches of snow outside. Oh, I kid. There is really only about 10 inches of snow, but it might as well be 467 because I’m not going anywhere.

Watching the men in this neighborhood, and how they handle this snow ‘crisis’ has been very entertaining.

Cadillac man (our neighbor that lives 3 doors down that drives the dealers new Cadillac hearses home) got out his snow blower after 2 inches fell. He was so generous to snow blow everyones sidewalk on our block. Only the snow just kept falling. One trip around the block and he had to start over. Finally he went in, but warrior Cadillac man came out 2 more times during the day, fought the good fight, and lost.

Foster (they have foster children) across the street and 3 doors up, picked up where Cadillac man left off. He only went around once. Maybe he realized that hey! if snow is still falling, the snow blower isn’t going to do much good.

The other man across the street has a pretty steep driveway. It took him 8 tries to get up his driveway. That is always good entertainment. We all knelt on the couch to watch. We cheered him on, only to see him slide back down. He finally gave up.

Lastly, I heard some new vocabulary yesterday afternoon. The man across the street made his wife shovel out his car, only to have the snow plow bury him right back in…twice. Justice served.

How did my men handle it? The front walk got shoveled so that the mail man could deliver and not have to wade hip deep just to get to our mail box, (due to Cadillac man and Foster’s efforts) the boy made cookies, and we played Spades. The end.

March 8

I know that I am posting this later than normal, so I feel I must explain.

Thunder + Lightning at 4am = 1 freaked out Chocolatechic² + ∑ > Π × snow up to my ears. The end.

So I got up and began taking photos for today’s blog. If I weren’t already freaked out enough, there was a knock on the door. At 7 am. No one, and I mean no one in this neighborhood is up at 7 am on a Saturday (except myself, because hello…….read above!) It was my neighbor. The road conditions are so bad that he slid into Superman’s car. No damage, but he was sweet to come tell us at 7 am. Because 7 am is always a great time to knock on your neighbor’s door.

The purpose of my photography is to show you my computer desk. My friend Beth has asked to see my desk. I didn’t straighten it up either. I wanted to so badly because I didn’t want you to see just how messy my desk is, but I also wanted to (as Ree so aptly puts it) keep it real.

When I sit down at my desk, this is what I see. The picture I have on my computer screen was taken on Easter, 2007.

This is to my right. All my important stuff is at my right because I am right handed. My dictionary, day planner, the girls allergy information, phone books, a DY Youngmind’s CD, etc..all at my right fingertips. Can’t forget the calendar. This has Superman’s Stuffmart work schedule, the boy’s work schedule, important stuff, and see all those arrows? Those are for the girl. That is how many times she has forgotten to do the laundry, and her date to be finished with the laundry has been pushed back to April 11. She should have been done last Wednesday. I wish she’d get herself in gear. I miss doing my laundry. Please…no fainting allowed.

My printer, also to my right, is loaded down with a Photoshop book, a photography book, a huge envelope of pictures of Superman and myself that I most likely will pitch, but don’t have the heart to just yet, because we look cute, and a paper that has HTML codes for colors so that if I wanted to use a lovely dark goldenrod I could, any time I wanted.

To the right of my elbow is the girls food journal. I write down what she eats every day so we know how/what she reacts to. Now I don’t want to get any hate mail about her eating nothing. She chose that particular item on the menu, not me. ‘Cause I am all “girl, you have got to eat” and she is all “but mooommm I’m not hungry”. Food is already such a huge issue that I choose my food battles with her carefully.   Some I win, other’s…not so much.

Looking to my left, things begin to be a bit tidier. It is tidier over here because I use it much less. If you have ever received a note from me, it came that purple box, the stamp came from that Longaberger basket, and well, you can see where the envelopes came from.

Below all that tidiness, is a bunch more junk important papers that I must deal with. A recipe that the boy asked me to print off, a receipt that I must enter into my checkbook register, phone needs to go back on the charger, a AAA bill that I need to decide whether or not to renew, some Zicam so that if I get sick, I don’t have to even get out of my chair, a quilting safety pin~~why is that even there~~, and a heart shaped thingie. Superman brought it home from a funeral. It is full of wildflower seeds that I really don’t want to plant but will because Superman got it just for me.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of me. Your beloved Chocolatechic, blogging.

What’s on your desk?

March 7

The people have spoken.

cat 3

KitKat it is, much to the chips dismay. They both wanted Whiskey. The boy told me on several occasions yesterday “I don’t care what you name her, I’m going to call her Whiskey, so there!”. This morning, the girl said the same thing.

KitKat might be a losing battle here.

It’s Friday, and I’m nosy.

What kind of lotion do you use to keep your hands from getting too dry? It seems that regardless of how much I lotion my hands they remain looking like the Sahara. I need tips, I need ideas. I must know what you use.

March 6

I am so excited about today. After today, I can quit calling the poor dear, Stinkbutt.

All the suggestions were great. I can not believe that I am going to admit this to you all, but I totally loved Michelle’s suggestion of Cat. Tramp and Rahab had me giggling.

So, now it is your turn to vote. What should her name be? Little mama needs a name.  We all chose our favorites and here they are.

What should her name be?


Don’t forget to tell me what you voted for in the comments.

March 5

Meet Cat. More like Kitten. I think she is about 6 months old.

cat 1

Cat came to us Sunday. She was a stray that our pastor’s wife had been taking care of for about 2 months. She was really concerned that Cat was going to get run over in the church parking lot, and that she wasn’t staying warm enough in their barn. So she asked me to take her. I have been looking for a sweet tempered cat, and Cat fit the bill.


Sunday when we brought Cat home I gave her a flea bath, wormed her, and clipped her nails. I wasn’t aware that she has some intestinal problems and her backside was all swollen and red. I wasn’t aware of a lot of things, and  I have mopped the bathroom floor more times in the last 2 days than I have in the last 6 months.

Monday, Cat went to the vet. He did all the things that vets do, then weighed her, gave us some antibiotic and a worm pill. I asked him to give her all her shots and to make an appointment to get her spayed. Doc said, I’m sorry, I can’t do that just yet. In 2 weeks, she will be presenting you with new family members. Swell. I am not ready to be in the kitten business. at. all.

I am not sure if we will be keeping Cat. She is just now deciding that the litter box is a good thing. If she doesn’t keep that idea, she won’t be staying here after her kittens are weaned.

Anyway, Cat needs a name. We just can’t keep calling her Stinkybutt forever.

This is where you come in. I need a name for her. No one around here likes my name for her, and I can not stand the names that Superman keeps throwing out.

Leave your suggestions in the comments. I will pick the top 3, and then you get to vote.

P.S. Thanks for all the funny comments yesterday. I really needed them. You guys are the best!!!

March 4

It has only been 88 years since the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.

So in honor of that, and the fact that I am earning $90 today, I am off to work the polls in Ohio’s primary today.

Leave a funny comment today. Please. I will need a pick-me-up when I get home. 5:30 am- 8 pm is a long day. Most of it is just sitting, and waiting for people to come in, and sitting and resisting all the food that everyone has brought in to eat all day long. Oh, did I mention sitting?

March 1

Leap year messes with my head every time it rolls around. It also makes spring one day longer in getting here and for that, I am miffed.

I am going stir crazy here.   Spring fever, cabin fever and and every other kind of fever has taken hold here in the house of Chocolate.

Superman told me yesterday that my crocus’s were beginning to pop through on the side of my house. I tromped outside to see, and even took my camera with me to photograph the momentous event and give me hope.   Hope for warmth and a different color than gray, white and mud brown.  All I saw was snow.   Only when I got back inside did I realize that I don’t even have crocus.   I   have daffodils.