March 31

How many of you like coffee cake?

How many of you like lots of crumb topping?

Growing up, we didn’t get coffee cake much. Mom and dad thought that ‘healthy’ was the way to go.  So, coffee cake, pancakes, boxed cereal, Little Debbies, desserts, donuts  and soda pop were few and far between.

It was always the best treat to get a bisquick coffee cake. Sadly, it never had enough crumb topping. Not for me anyway. There is never enough topping, and whenever I make coffee cake, I always end up doubling the topping.

Never again!

I found a recipe called Big Crumb Coffee Cake. The title really caught my attention. I mean, Big and Crumb. Together. In one package. I just had to try it.

It has tons of crumb topping with just a hint of ginger. I didn’t think the ginger would taste good in this, but let me just say that it makes this recipe. This recipe also calls for rhubarb, (coughgagcough) I had the boy use blueberries instead.

You can get a copy of the recipe here .

In case you are wondering where the finished product pictures are, I am embarrassed to say that it didn’t last long enough to take any pictures.

Maybe you can make it, and take pictures of the finished product. Although, I doubt if it lasts long in your house either.

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14 thoughts on “March 31”

  1. I never had cake for breakfast until I was on my own. We had to have the bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy every morning. My father thought he couldn’t make it through the day without that particular breakfast.

    We did get oats with rasins in the winter and mother let us have brown sugar with them. That was quite a treat.

  2. I would have had to double the topping recipe and eat half. It would have been the only way to go!

    The boy feels the same way.

  3. Yummm….eeeee!! I would’ve left the rhubarb in, though. You don’t know how good rhubarb is till you live someplace where it’s hard to grow. Can you believe that rhubarb is hard to grow anywhere? Down here in NC it doesn’t get cold enough in the winter for the rhubarb. Where I’m from everybody’s grandma has a big ole rhubarb patch in the backyard!

    Wait a minute…ya’ll ate that coffee cake while I was ranting…make me some more!

  4. I swear I gain weight just by reading your blog. You have no idea how many times I have to wipe the drool off of my face from reading your posts.

  5. I never ate coffee cake when I was a young because ( stupid me)I thought it was made with coffee. I don’t like coffee!
    But now that I’m old and know its mostly sweet I love it. And yes you are right the crumbs make all the difference.
    Yours look very yummy.

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