March 30

I took my camera walking with me the other day.

I so desperately wanted to see some signs of spring.


Black capped chickadees are kind of spring like, but they have mucked through this monstrous winter with the rest of us. So that just isn’t gonna cut it.

I stood around waiting for a Robin to take a picture of walked a bit further and saw a Robin.

Robins mean spring around here. I have been hearing them for several weeks, so I knew I was getting warmer, but it snowed the other day and we all know that Snow + Robins β‰  Spring.

But this,this is what I have been longing to see.

Hello beautiful!!!

Mud brown, gray sky, and yellow grass will soon be a distant memory.

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11 thoughts on “March 30”

  1. If it stops raining today, I’m going to take some pictures of my Redbut tree. We’ve had a few Daffodils, but they’ve been a little waterlogged.

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Spring has sprung and April showers are well on their way. My crabapple tree is starting to bloom in all it’s gorgeous pinkness. πŸ˜€

    Nice shot of the robin.

  3. Nice to see you have spring already. It is snowing AGAIN in our great midwest state. One town last week had 15 inches of it. We had about 3″ of the heavy white stuff.
    Someday soon…….please!

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