March 28

It’s Friday and I am nosy.

Given the choice, would you live in the city or the country?  and why?

I have lived in Houston, Oklahoma City, a tiny place called Doe Run, way out in the boonies with Amish as neighbors, and towns of all different sizes.

I much prefer the country.   It is quieter.   I don’t have to listen to the neighbors scream at each other, or their kids ride their scooters up and down my street for 3 hours after I have gone to bed, (hellllooooo it is dark outside, where is your mother???)  or have the neighbor’s dogs use my yard for their litter box. (just because your owner hasn’t cleaned the poopables out of your yard doesn’t mean I want some in mine!)

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  1. I would love to live in the country, but alas am stuck in the city. I have three boys who would love to have the space to roam. I’d also love to be able to plant a friut orchard and gardens. For now though I’ll just have to dream.

  2. Not out in the “country” all by our lonesome.
    I do love living in our small dot on some maps town. The kind of town where you sneeze more than once at the local post office and the whole town just knows you are pregnant.(Allergies maybe?!!)
    Ya gotta love those small towns. And I do.

  3. I grew up in the country and now live so close to Cincinnati I could spit on it. I miss the country

  4. Give me civilization!!! We currently live in the boonies and it takes 30 minutes to reach the nearest Dr’s office or even Stuffmart!!! I HATE IT!! I need to be able to eat out on a whim, I need to be able to grab a new pair of flip flops on a whim… I NEED PEOPLE!!! I grew in a town of about 60k and we lived in a great neighborhood, just minutes away from EVERYTHING!! I never really appreciated the location until I had my own kids and realized we spend more hours in the car traveling to some meeting or event, than we spend at home.

  5. Oh, the country for me!

    I would completely die in the city. I am a true country-girl. 🙂

    Right now, we live about 40 minutes away from any major department store…such as Walmart, Kmart, or Target.

    I love it!

  6. I would just love a view.

    A room with a view.

    So if that is from a hilltop in the boondocks or the 20th floor overlooking Chicago….I think I would be happy.

    I love looking at the sky.

  7. I have always lived in town except for three times, once when lived in a housing development that had 1 acre plots, once when we bought property that had nine acreas and once when we pastored in Newark, Ohio. At first I didn’t like living in the country, but after living in Newark for 7 years and then moving back to town, I would say I prefer the country.

    Actually, if the houses are on 1 acrea plots, I would like to live more suburbia! That way you are close to everything, but not so close to the other houses. The kind of neighborhood we had when we lived on Tamarack! I really liked that.

  8. I would love to live in the country, but with a big city near by (sorry, don’t consider Farmington big, and St. Louis is just not near by enough)
    I’m with Julie Beth, I would love to have orchards and gardens.
    right now I’m in a town with neighbors very close on either side of us.

    Hey kiddo! How are you feeling? Glad to be home and sleeping in your own bed?

  9. The country, but with a Target (with a Starbucks inside it) really close by.

    Chocolatechic, I’m here from BooMama’s blog, where you commented that your 15 yr old daughter still snuggles with you in the mornings. I LOVE IT! Mine are younger (8,6,3,& due in May) and it drives me crazy that they won’t just let me have a few more minutes of sleep in the mornings. But to have a 15 yr old who would still climb into bed with me just makes my heart happy. So thanks for reminding me…I will NOT stop that tradition and here’s to hoping they’re still willing to do it when they’re older!

    It makes my heart happy too.

  10. I haven’t lived in the country in 43 years, but I live in a town of less than 2,000 people so it’s kinda like living in the country.

    We don’t have all the big town rules to have to live by, and we mostly either grew up with eveyone in town or know them for some reason or another.

    The thing I remember about living in the country is that it is very dark on cloudy nights, but you can see the stars much better on clear nights.

  11. I’m happy where I am and it is neither city nor country. I like living on the fringe of the city in a decent suburb with nice sized land plots.

  12. The country definitely. I’ve lived in a small town, and in Little Rock. While the convenience is great in the city, I much prefer the peace and serenity of the country.

  13. Yesterday I was sitting outside our taekwondo school, which sits right off the highway through town. It was loud, horribly loud. I was glad to get home, even though we have different noises out here, its much nicer.
    Despite the pit bull “kennel” next door, I still choose the country, or at least semi-country.

  14. The country…. definitely. We got out of Chicago as soon as we were old enough and kept heading west. We live about 50 miles from Chicago in a tiny community of 750 people. The closest store (or anything) is 10 miles away and we like that way. We know and love all our neighbors but of course we have about 4 acres between ourselves. It’s a nice buffer zone. We’ll all jump in and help if someone needs help but we’re also into personal responsibility and independence. It’s absolutely wonderful. Lots of wildlife and fresh air.

  15. I love the country. I don’t mind being away from stores and stuff. I would like to plant a garden and I love to listen to the outdoor sounds on a warm summer evening.

  16. I’m with Donna.

    I’ve lived in the suburbs mostly but I’ve experienced enough of the city life to know that I don’t want to live there but then I don’t want to have to drive for hours to get there.

    Right now we live on just over an acre and while it’s better than living in the city we’ve found it’s a little too close when the neighbors are not the greatest. We’d love to move to a place where we could have 5+ acres but not be too far from the finer things of town/city life.

  17. The country.
    No keeping up with the Jones out here. If I want dandilions
    I can keep them. Nothing nicer then seeing a field full of dandilions. That is true spring. I often tell my family that if you put me in the city it would be a slow death for me. I need my room, and peace. Living on a dairy farm offers it all. I look out the kitchen window and see paradise!

  18. Country born and raised! where I can sit on the porch swing in my PJ”S..I can take the trash out in my green robe if I wanted to. AND I NEVER HAVE TO PULL THE DRAPES!! A friend of mine moved in with me she was from a small town and every day she would rip the curtains and blinds closed.I would rip them open again telling her to chill we don’t have to worry about that on the hillside in the country a person can’t see past the trees..

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