11 thoughts on “March 25”

  1. LOL That is so cute.

    So the little Baabet is the girlie chip’s pet and the girlie chip is the boy’s pet. Is that it? LOL

    In the picture of the boy, you can barely see his pet. It is his ipod.

  2. ‘Baabette’-love it! Adorable…your kids are, the pink sheeps cute too. My kids are about as old as yours, and I got them easter baskets this year…one last hurrah:)

  3. I love Baabet!!
    My girl got an Easter puppy named Nuzzle.
    The boy got a matching shirt along w/dad.
    Everyone got candy, kids got chocolate bunnies, hubby got a chocolate egg basketball and I got a white chocolate bunny. I don’t think that anyone has eaten their candy yet. 😆

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