March 24**updated for answer**

Oh internet. I just have to share. I found something Saturday walking around Stuffmart that has forever changed my outlook on chocolate.


Skittles has finally given in to the chocoholics letter writing campaign, the emails, the phone calls, and the begging and pleading of us all.

Oh, I kid.

They really should have listened to me and made a hot fudge, but alas, you can not win them all.

Thank you MARS. This Chocolatechic is very happy.

Which one do you think is my favorite?

I know that this is going to come as a huge shock to you but the vanilla is my favorite.   They just should have made a hot fudge flavor.

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12 thoughts on “March 24**updated for answer**”

  1. MMMM Brownie batter. I have been trying to figure out how to get that in bite size carry-along pieces for years!

  2. Have you died and gone to Heaven or what?

    I think I would like the caramel ones and the smores and probably the vanilla. I’m not much on chocolate, but I’m going to try them anyway.

  3. Haven’t seen those before.
    I really try to stay away from the candy isles of late as it’s all too tempting. I may have to try these though. I’m sure that by combining all the flavors you get quite a delicious burst in the mouth 😀

    I say that you love the brownie batter or the chocolate pudding (2nd choice).

  4. My first reaction was Oh, gross! But you really like them? If you say they’re good I’ll give them a try. And I vote the brownie one as your favorite.

  5. I love Skittles, but haven’t seen those yet. I imagine the brownie batter are your favorite. I must locate said package.

  6. My kids would totally love those. I read this when you did it and I was thinking vanilla but, I didn’t comment. OH whoa is me, I might have actually been right about something. lol

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