March 22

He was such a beautiful little boy, and now he is a beautiful man. I remember holding him in my arms and looking at his small little face and wondering…What will he look like when he is 10, when he is 16, when he is 25. What would he become? Would he give me all sorts of trouble during the ‘terrible 2’s’ (yes), would he fight with his sister like I did? (yes, except he hasn’t bloodied his sisters nose) Would he be smart? ( of course) Would he give me fits during the teen years? (not as much as I feared) Would he love God and want to serve Him? (yippee~~he does) Would he act more like his mother or father? (were not going there)

Those big blue eyes and that blond hair. I just couldn’t even begin to imagine the answers.

Now, I look at that same beautiful face and have a whole new set of questions. What manner of man will he become? Will he marry? Will he finish college? Where will he work? Will he come visit his mama often? Will he have lots and lots and lots of children for me to spoil?

I look into those big blue eyes, and can not even begin to imagine the answers.

Time will tell.

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12 thoughts on “March 22”

  1. He is a killer with those eyes. Dd says they are amazing. I have never met you son, but from what I have heard you say about him I picture him to be a lot like you, wonderful and willing to do anything for anyone.

    He is special and will make someone a wonderful husband someday.

  2. Yes, that’s just exactly what mothers wonder about and they pray. I imagine that you’ve been praying for your future daughter-in-law, whomever she is, for a long time! This is a special post…hope that you put it in your son’s baby book. Don’t laugh! I did things like that all through high school.

  3. I think he is very handsome, and I could go on and on and on, but of course I am prejudiced! I would still think so even if I weren’t his grandmother.

    I use to wonder the same things about you girls.

    I have learned and am still learning that resting in God will bring His desires to you and your children and not our own. That is a hard lesson for me! I wonder if it is for all mothers????

  4. What a good read!
    I will be going through the same thing very shortly.
    😀 as this little one is rolling around and being a little karate kid:D

    I have always loved Dean’s eyes and eyelashes. I’m soo jealous haha.

  5. You’ve done a great job giving him a solid foundation to build on. I believe that he won’t stray far or long from what he learned by listening and watching you.

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