March 21

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

Do you get a new dress for Easter?   A new outfit?  A new something?   Do you get your kiddos new clothes for Easter?   New shoes?

I remember always being excited for Easter as I always got chocolate, and a new dress and new shoes.   I can not tell you which one I was more excited about as a kid.

Today, well, you have to know what I am most excited about…and it isn’t the shoes.

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  1. I always got a new dress and shoes for Easter. One time I remember that mother had made my new dress, and daddy had brought in my new shoes. But on Saturday night I didn’t feel well, and mother determined that I had the mumps. I cried and cried because I wasn’t going to get to wear my new things. I think I was about 8 when this happened.

    I always had a new dress for my girls and myself, and always had a new shirt and pants for my son when they were growing up. I made the dresses, and many times made the new shirt for my son.

    Now they take care of their own clothes, but I make smocked dresses for the granddaughters.

  2. I would love to get my children new clothes for Easter, but it isn’t in the budget. However; the good Lord did bless my girlies with new dresses, well new to us. 😀 Today we will spend some time looking for new sandles to go with them. :p I loved getting new clothes too. My all time favorite Easter item, was the brand new, sparkling white, round basket purse, with little flowers at the handle. 🙂 I was around 7 or 8 then.

    Hey! I had one of those too. I can’t find it now. Did you steal it?

  3. I’m so excited this year to do the new dress thing for my girlies. My oldest DD will be 5 next Tuesday and youngest DD turned 8 months yesterday. This will be the one and only year that they can have matching store bought dresses. Oldest DD chose the cutest PINK dresses with frilly petal bottoms! I want to take them and get pictures made at the Wallplace.

    We still need to get shoes or sandles for the girls. My boys, well, I’d like to get new shoes, but we’ll see. Sunday shoes for boys are a low priority. I would really like to get them new ties though.

    Chocolate is a must, but the big deal for us on Easter is something my mother did for my siblings and I as children. We would always hunt for those little boxes of cereal, like the ones they have a hotel breakfast buffets. She started doing this after a hard boiled egg got lost under a couch one year. Yuck!!! The tradition has stuck and become a Easter highlight, as I am a mean mommy and don’t let my kids have sugary cereals.

  4. We always had new dresses, mostly made by mom. We would have hats & gloves too. We were always so excited…at least I was and I’m sure the other sisters were as well.

    Mom always made holidays so special. We loved getting our Easter baskets and although I loved the chocolate, my favorite thing to eat Easter morning was the colored hard boiled eggs. We got to help color them.

    If I would have known you only wanted chocolate I could have saved a lot of money! LOL

    Chocolate now, not then. Then they all were equal.

  5. Used to do the new clothes thing when my kids were younger. I will be wearing the dress my mom got me last year for Easter. My mom used to make us an Easter basket ,even up to year before last. That brings a tear to my eye.No more baskets from mom. I do give my kids baskets still,and my grands. I have to send it all the way to California. Have a chocolaty day.

  6. Hmm, I don’t get something new every year but I did this year, a new skirt and a new blouse to wear with it, since I had the jacket already that goes with it. Camryn is wearing her dress from last year since she only wore it 2x and it still fits. Noah got anew since he is the oldest and nothing fit him. Adrien is earing Noah’s hand me downs but they are in great shape. Caedmon got new since he didn’t have anything to wear. The husband does need a tie to match us girls. So there you have it.

  7. We usually buy new dressed for the girls but not this year. We’re doing the “new to us” route. The did all get new shoes and tights. And chocolate. I’ve already tasted it and determined that it is not poison. I have the job of family taste tester in my home. Ahhh, the lengths I will go to keep the family safe. 😉

  8. I used to get my girls matching dresses and hats and everything for all the holidays. We aren’t doing that this year. We are just going to use what we have. We do hide their baskets and make them hunt for them. I remember my doing that and playing hot cold for us.

    When we lived with my great grandma for about a year I think, my sister and I were dressed to the T’s right down to the gloves and purses for church, that was so much fun. They aren’t getting too much candy this year but, they are getting a little, I am making their baskets with a little bit of candy but, then I am going to make a family basket. Cuts down on the fighting. lol.

    Hope your Easter is Great!!!

  9. Oh, but ofcourse!! It wouldn’t be Easter for my or for my girls if we didn’t all get new dresses, new shiny shoes (or flip flops for my girls… LOL)! We don’t really do the Easter Baskets filled with candy, but it is a family affair to color eggs and then enjoy the abundance of deviled eggs throughout the following week! LOL Hope you have a great Easter! Let me guess? You will be wearing pink?

  10. We always had new outfits and hats!! The hats were made by my grandmother, who was a milliner in the 50’s and 60’s. They were wedding cake concoctions with tons of pastel flowers and trim.

    My kids are too old (26 and 28) to do the Easter dress up thing. I sure made them participate when they were younger though, much to their dismay.

    I didn’t get anything new for myself, although I should buy myself at least a hat in memory of Gram, but I spent my clothing budget on some things for our trip to St. Croix.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  11. I remember always getting a new Easter dress. Before we moved to Alaska Mom would also make sure that I had new gloves, hat, tights and shoes. I always felt like such a lady.

    I would like to get my daughter a new dress and maybe shoes but we’ll have to see. As for me…..not unless I see something that is just perfect and on sale too boot. I do want to put together Easter “Buckets” for each person. Gotta think about what to get hubby since he’s home – I hate to leave him out. I also need to see if I can find something special for the dogs as well.

    Chocolate is always big and necessary for Easter, after all Christ was buried in a tomb….

  12. Mom & Dad always spoiled us with big Easter baskets. I remember getting dresses and shoes, but don’t know if that happened every year. I must have been an ingrate, because I remember fussing about the ridiculously fancy and uncomfortable shoes!

    I bought the boys new clothes for Easter, once. (b/c little boy suits were on sale)

    As for me, I am just thrilled that my Easter outfit from 2 years ago fits! It was too tight last year. 😀

  13. I remember my sister and I always getting matching dresses, socks, and shoes for Easter. When my girls were little I always made sure they had new Easter dresses that complimented each other, bunnies that matched, and the same amount of chocolate in their baskets. When Lil Man came along, being the proud Nana that I am, I went all out for his first Easter. This year we’ve toned things down just a bit but he still has a new outfit for Church on Sunday and of course the ‘boy’ bunny, and just enough chocolate to make him hyper as all get out!

  14. I always got a new dress growing up. As an adult, I have bought new Easter clothes a few times. This year I went shopping on Tuesday and found an ultra cute dress. I will wear it Sunday, even though it isn’t an Easter dress. I love Easter, it is my favorite holiday. There is so much hope and newness to Easter. He is risen, He is risen indeed!

  15. Hiya,

    At Easter we always used to get a new dress, some sandals and jacket. It was the same for most of the other kids in our street too.
    I don’t think its the same in recent times tho.
    My little boy always gets a new outfit for Easter (he is 6), but I don’t often hear about neighbours/friends getting Easter outfits.
    I also don’t buy myself an Easter outfit either lol

    I found your blog while I was looking round the wordpress site. I hope you don’t mind me popping by to say Hi!

    Wotta x

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