March 17

I am away today.

Check back tomorrow for exciting, exhilarating, and wonderful news about chocolate, tomorrow.

PS…ok, I am not quite away.   The hotel has a complemtary computer, so guess what?  Here I am at 6:09 am checking my blog.   I am pathetic!

A picture for your viewing pleasure.

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7 thoughts on “March 17”

  1. As long as you didn’t eat a bear claw or a Boston creme doughnut everything is cool. I used to have one or two of those a lot of mornings when I was in the army. OH I love those.

    (((Chocolatechic))) I’m praying for you.

    That picture is my personal favorite of all the ones I’ve seen that you’ve taken. Perfect in all ways. 😀 Hugs, Robin

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