March 16

“I believe I’ve seen hell and it’s white, it’s snow white.”

~~from the movie North and South

That has been my feeling for the entire winter. The other day, I was outside with the boy as he checked his brakes, I saw some hope.

Hyacinth peeking through the snow,

and daffodils fighting for life.

Come spring, come quickly.

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7 thoughts on “March 16”

  1. My heart leapt for joy yesterday when I saw some crocus poking up yesterday. But cruel, cruel winter reared its ugly head today. It is snowing AGAIN. :sigh:

  2. Never fear! Spring always wins. 😀

    Should I tell you that my daffodils are blooming and have been, that my weeping willow tree has baby leaves, that my crabapple tree is budding? Yes, I should…..sending more hope your way!

  3. Yep, daffodils are blooming here too. Sorry, don’t mean to rub it in.

    I like the movie North and South, btw. It isn’t Pride and Prejudice, but it is good.

  4. Happy Palm Sunday!!

    My daughter says she’s seen some green grass, I’ve not seen it but then she sees it when we’re out & about but since I’m driving and have my shades on I can’t see the evidence.

    Have to admit that I’m beginning to get the itch for spring to finally be here once again.

  5. Itching for spring and see a new coat of snow on the ground tonight. A heavy coat of about 12 inches. yep one foot of new snow. The birds say spring is in the air but the ground covering won’t co-operate.

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