February 29

It’s Friday, and I’m nosy.

In the house of Chocolate, we hug all. the. time. If a couple of hours go by without someone getting some sort of affection, a hug, a kiss, a loving pat on the shoulder, a back rub, or something, then people in this house begin to seek it out…seek me out,Β  ’cause I’m known to give a good hug now and again.

Thank you all for your lovely responses to my post about my Grams. I will write about her more later, but for today and in honor of her and how much she means to me, I need to know, I must know (because you know, I’m nosy)

Who was the last person you hugged?

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  1. We hug all the time here too. And kisses and sometimes loving slaps on the back of the neck. lol

    The last person I hugged was Mikayla. Right before she went to bed.

  2. Joel, He gave me a hug last night to tuck me in. I fell asleep on the couch because I was sick. The three of us ended up sleeping in the living room. Me on the couch, Shan on the floor, and Joel in the recliner.
    I am feeling a little better today.

  3. My kids upon waking up this am.
    Haven’t hugged hubby since Sunday when he left in the big rig.
    But I get to hug my college kid this weekend!!!!!

    We are huggers too. Sometimes a hug just resets the axis of our world.

  4. I hugged my husband this morning as he left for work. Haven’t hugged either kid yet, but that’s because they’re not up and moving yet!

    We hug a lot in this house. Oh, yeah, I hugged one of the cats who was pestering me as I was trying to read my Bible. πŸ™‚

  5. I hugged my 8yr old in the school playground just before she went into class. Then I saw her hug her head-teacher in the corridor(Something I would NEVER EVER have done!!!) She’s like that my daughter πŸ˜‰

  6. We are huggy people, too. Definitely.

    The last person I hugged was Lindsay this morning before she left for school. She’s had a BAD week, so she’s been getting extra hugs!

  7. We are a huggy famiy, too It feeeeels good! The boys were the last to be hugged. We do a lot of ‘family hugs’ & for some reason the majority of them take place in the kitchen.

  8. Every morning as I drop off my 6yr dd at school I get a hug and a kiss in the car… That’s the best lovin’ of the day! I’m a big hugger of my kiddos and they are too… sometimes they can be a little clingy, but it’s not usually anything a hug can’t cure! LOL

    Even when I’m feeling under the weather or just not myself, a hug or touch from my daughters will do wonders for my disposition.

  9. My 11 year old Granddaughter when I tucked her in bed last night. She, and all of the other children in my life, say that I have the best hugs because I’m all soft and squashy and warm!! Thanks…(I think) LOL

  10. My boy & my man as they left the house this morning.

    We are very free with hugs too. My almost 11yr old is still fine with getting lots of hugs from both Mom & Dad but when Mom & Dad hug each other – that is a different story LOL. We get a lot of ewwwws and gross πŸ˜€ Kids are so cute.

  11. Well since no one in my house is awake yet but me I’ve not had my hugs yet today. Lastnight I got hugged and hugged all three of my family but because I was so tired I really don’t remember who was last. πŸ™‚

    My kids love to hug and they take my mother’s admonishment that everyone, especially moms, needs a minimum of 7 hugs, plus I love you’s, each day for survival. I love teaching the pre-school and kindergarten Sunday school class because those kids are so free w/their love and affection once they know you care about them.

    Hugs are important to everyone. God created us to be interactive, needing physical touch and affection. To shun it all seems to be an example of problems.

  12. I just got a bazillion hugs from kids as they were getting off the bus from camp. I love those kids and they love me too. it feels so good to have my girls home.

  13. We are a family of “huggers” also. We haven’t been hugging as much lately as the flu has brought down the house, butlate this morning my husband and I found the strength and energy to give each other a “sort-of-getting-better” hug!

  14. I like hugs and I like to give them. Last one I hugged was Jarrod as he left to go take his Math finals tonight. Then in a few hours I will be hugging Grams.

  15. This is an easy one. I just tucked my dd and her girl friend in for the night. Then tip toed and checked on my little man, who is 10, to make sure he was still breathing, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and pulled the covers up over him.

    We are definitely huggers in this house too!!

  16. I love hugs family, friends, strangers I don’t care.
    I remember about 20 years ago a friend that I had gone to school with later became a neighbor..One day as I was leaving her house.. she gave me a hug..ooohhhh my goosh I was SO embrassed and prayed no one saw that!! I quickly looked to see that the blinds were pulled and felt only somewhat better..lol at the time my family was not huggers and even to this day I have seen my Dad hug and kiss Mom only once and that was recently when I shamed him into it. I get hug from them though. Until my friend opened that door don’t remember any hugs..
    Love and HUGS CC and Chips

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