February 28

When I went away to college, I know that my parents expected me to get an education, and I did. I learned how to play cards. Sorry ma, but that is all I remember from college.

About a month after I went away, I began staying up in the student center playing cards. The Westerman boys, myself, Celeste (my room mate), and a few of her our friends would play Spades for hours. Lupe Rodrequez taught me how to shoot a better game of pool (sorry Lupe, it didn’t stick), but I can play a mean game of poker, thanks to him.

We are a card playing family. Actually, the boy and I play cards, the girl and Superman suffer through.Ā  The boy has inherited my passion love of games. The stratagizing, the challenge, and most of all, the winning. When I was young I didn’t loose well. Now, I rarely loose at all. Those that have played cards with me know.


Do you feel her suffering?

Currently, she is beating me. It won’t last long.

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  1. yes, however, thanks to you, I love spades.
    When I was in the very same college, My professor and his wife would invited us and our best friends (we were all married)over to their house and would play spades and eat all kinds of junk food until about 4 in the morning. It was a blast.
    I, however, remember much more from college besides playing spades, dear sister. Did you sleep through your classes?

    Nooooooouh! I remember Dr. Bland, and him going over every single question on the final exam and tape recording it so we would know all the questions. I remember Prof McDonald and sitting in the back row so his spittle didn’t reach me, and I remember my Old Testament Survey professor bringing in a fertility god. OH…and singing Handles Messiah…and being in Our Town and Fiddler on the Roof! So! There! meahhhhh!

    PS. I had to scrape the back of my brain to remember those…..giggle!

  2. You’re a mean mama. I bet you cheated at Candy Land, just so you would win. Your poor chocolate chip needs some some chocolate and NOT the hot fudge kind.

    No, but we got rid of Candy Land rather quickly. That is all she wanted to play.

  3. Yes, I see the suffering in that little pout. I cannot tell if it is from playing cards or from having one’s photo taken. šŸ˜‰

    I did not play cards in college…..I studied. Of course, there is that stretch of time before college. Let’s just say, I’ll give you a good run for your money in a poker game. šŸ˜€

  4. Bless her precious heart – she’s such a trooper… it’s obvious she is only playing to make you happy! LOL

    I hope you ‘let’ her win, every now and again?

    I feel your passion for games, I LOVE to play and WIN! Only one of my girls has inherited my spirit for winning and we usually play quite a heated game, regardless of which game we are playing! It’s a battle to the death! LOL

  5. Soooooo? Who won? We love to play cards as well. All though I don’t think any one us, except maybe my hubby, know how to play poker.

  6. Did she win?
    We love playing cards/games. Last week I had kids home from school with the influenza so we played lots of cards. I was just stimulating their minds til the homework broadsided them!!

  7. some day I will let you teach me to play cards. I know NOTHING about them.
    I can do a great 52 card pick up..

    I’ll be gentle.

    When are you coming over next?

  8. Yes…she is oozing happiness….I know if you do let someone win or not allow their nose to be rubbed too far in the dirt….it is because of your generous nature….I played cards with CC….several hands…and if I remember correctly….I didn’t win a single game….you know….she is so nice about winning….makes you not feel too bad that you just lost the second or third hand….

    I can’t wait to play hands and feet with you again….I’m practicing…. šŸ™‚

  9. I like to play cards and have a great poker face but I don’t play poker (I did buy my family a nice setup for playing poker for Christmas in 06). I have recently learned to play Canasta and love playing that.

    I feel for your girl chip as I’m not usually gung ho about playing with someone who plays cut throat. I play to have a good time. I do like winning but if I’ve had fun playing with friends then I see myself as having won.

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