February 26

Dear Internet,

A strange anomaly happened to me Saturday.

The girl and I went to Stuffmart to get 2 mailing envelopes (to mail something to a friend and a picture of the chips to my sister) and some kiwi.

We came home with 2 mailing envelops, some kiwi and

girlscout cookies


Could someone please explain to me how it happened?


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16 thoughts on “February 26”

  1. I think you were subconsciously (sp?) buying those Thin Mints to send to me. Yes, that was it! You remember now, don’t you?

  2. It’s nearly impossible to pass those sweet cherubic faces and their table full of girl scout cookies.

    It’s like we are drawn by some maternal magnet to purchase their goodies.

    But don’t they taste good?

    I know that this is sacrilege, but I haven’t had one yet. I can not believe it.

  3. Oh you are a very disciplined woman…I have 167 cases of those gems in my dining room. Yes, I was snookered in to being the Cookie Mom for my daughter’s Brownie troop. I don’t know how much self control I can exercise with cases and cases of thin mints staring at me….UGH…..This must be a test?


  4. I’m still trying to get rid of boxes that I bought last year that hubby put up in the pantry and I forgot about 🙄

    I’ve not seen them at the stores yet but I do recall a girl, brownie, taking orders back in Jan.

  5. I haven’t a clue how it happened! How you managed to forget the Peanut Butter Patties and Samoes is a true tragedy!!!!
    Being the disciplined person I will be waiting for mine to be delivered. Or until my next trip to Stuffmart 🙂
    (They don’t look as good as your chocolate thingy yesterday)

  6. I guess I will be the only negative one here, to complain about the price ~ $3.50 a box…geez Louise. I know that is no fault of the Girl Scouts, it just amazes me. When I was a GS the cookies were $1.00 a box. I did purchase two boxes of thin mints, and they are oh so gone. If anyone knows where to buy more (I bought mine in front of the grocery store, but that was a one time thing) please let me know.

    They must be different prices in different areas around the country, because mine weren’t that much.

  7. Ah, yes. I can relate. They actually sell themselves. This is my first year in about 8 years that I’m not involved in GS. Daughter decided this year to stay out. But yes, I know how those made it to your house. Can’t say No to the darlings.

  8. They are $3.50 in most places, but in Ohio they are still $3.00 a box. Love my GS cookies!

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