February 25

If your on a diet, you just might want to click off my blog now, because if my other posts haven’t done you in, this one will.

Chocolate Intensity. That is what this is called.

When I came upon this recipe, it called to me, and I answered with a resounding yes! yes! yes!

Would you like to answer the call too? It is painless. I guarantee it.

First you must get out your 9 inch baking pan, butter it…..yes, butter. Then line with parchment and butter the parchment. Yes. Butter.

Weigh your chocolate and set it aside. You don’t have to use Ghiradelli, but a good friend sent me a ginormous bag, and Ghiradelli is great chocolate.

In a heavy sauce pan, add 3 sticks of butter. Yes, 3. Paula Deene and I are BFF.


Coffee. I love the flavor that coffee gives to chocolate. It adds just enough ‘je ne sais quoi’ (somein’ somein’ for those that don’t speak French) to it that makes the chocolate better. Superman drinks his coffee strong enough to manufacture fuel for NASA so I cut it with water.

Heat this to boiling.

Pour it over your chocolate and let it sit for a minute before stirring. I didn’t get a shot of this because the boy

was busy and didn’t call me in.

In another bowl, whisk 6 eggs

vanilla and salt.

Pour about 3/4 cup of the hot chocolate over the eggs, whisking constantly. This is called tempering.

Pour the tempered eggs into the hot chocolate and whisk to combine.

Strain your batter to catch any cooked egg bits. You don’t have to do this, but it will make your cake taste better. I promise.

Pour this luscious goodness into your prepared pan.

Set your cake into your largest roasting pan, and fill it with enough hot water to come halfway up the sides of the cake pan. This is good for your roasting pan, especially if you have all sorts of baked on food from last summer and didn’t wash it then. I’m just sayin’.

Bake for 35-45 minutes till center is shiny, set, but a bit jiggly. Put the cake on a cooling rack from 20 more minutes. Invert cake onto the cake plate. Make sure it is exactly where you want it because this bad boy will not move. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before glazing.

For the glaze, you will

heat some cream

weigh some more chocolate

pay the photographer a paltry 6 chips

pour hot cream over chocolate to melt

stir after one minute.

I could drink this.

See how glossy the chocolate becomes?

Add some vanilla, and stir.

Congratulations. You have just made a ganache. Pour it over the center of your cake and smooth. Don’t forget the sides. They must be covered too.

Did you by any chance notice the lack of flour in this cake? That lack of flour gives this cake a fudge like quality, with a smooth silky texture. Pure heaven.

If you want to make this for yourself, click here to get your recipe.

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22 thoughts on “February 25”

  1. Wow!! I am getting a great start to my blog reading this morning! First commenter again. I had to keep reading and yes that looks yummy, maybe for DH’s bday I could make this. He would like it 🙂

    God bless.

  2. Well, I have about eaten all the cheesecake…and my dh loves chocolate so it would only be fair to make this for him, right? Maybe I could really convince myself it was for him….

  3. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, first your cheesecake is all gone, then Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Tomato Soup and Chickens in the Road’s cornbread. Ate all that too. Now this chocolate thingee(I’m not even a big chocolate fan, but it looks so good). What is a fat woman supposed to do?

    I’m going to have to start exercising. I’ll keep telling myself I’m going to start exercising. Yes, Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

  4. oh wow, and I don’t even like chocolate all that much, but, wow. Could you do the topping with white chocolate? Just wondering because I think it would look really good for presentation purposes. I am looking for something to take to a dinner with a friend and that might just be the thing.

  5. Now I know why your blog was late this morning….you were busy watching the chip make chocolate cake. That’s okay because it was worth the wait. I saved the recipe for an adventurous day!

    I wish that was the reason my blog was late. My blog was late because WordPress deleted an hours worth of work and I had to redo it all over again. I was an unhappy Chocolatechic!

  6. the more and more I read your blog the more I:
    A. gain weight 🙂
    B. Wish you were my mom (No disrespect to my real mom who is also awesome)
    C. Wish you could put your son in a box and keep him so when my 8 year old daughter were old enough he could marry her and make me one very happy and very fat mother-in-law with chocolate ganache stationed permanently on the corners of my mouth.

    He seems like such a great kid!

    And that looks like such a great cake!

  7. Oh sweet temptress of chocolate….I’m surprised I didn’t fry my laptop from drooling. The man gave up chocolate for lent….I didn’t though! The evil me wants to make this and eat it in front of him….because I am all hormone and NEED chocolate. But the nice me will behave. I’ll make it for him after Easter when Lent is over!!!!

  8. Oh,my goodness. That makes your tongue want to slap your brains out!!!!!!!!!You could probably do a white chocolate and then drizzle with the dark. My,My,My,My,My

  9. You are just cruel.
    Knowing where that will wind up on my body and how hard I’ll have to work to get it off keeps me from even thinking about making this. Perhaps I’ll make this as a reward for losing a decent amount of weight.

  10. So, I just discovered your blog (love it!) and all I did was scroll through the pictures of this post and I have only two words CHOCOLATE. SIN. I mean the eggs, the butter, the cream… Now my prayer “Dear Lord, please make me forget about this recipe and never want to make this.” Some prayers do go unanswered though…

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