12 thoughts on “February 24”

  1. How sweet. It is so good that they can just curl up and go to sleep. What are we doing? Are we sleeping? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was like your girl, though under a quilt not a robe, last night after my busy day. I’d like to be like that today as well but I’ll have to make a cobbler, pigs in a blanket and biscotti today and all by 4:00.

  3. My plans exactly!! Did you get your “unfilled” sans sprinkles cream stix?

    Yes I did. Thank you so much. I also have something for you. Do you work tomorrow? If so, I will bring it. It is something that I will be blogging about tomorrow….it is good.

  4. There’s nothing more adorable than a big tough man with a sweet furry kitty curled up alseep together is there? (Well except a big strong man with an itty bitty baby curled up asleep together…)

    I love the girls socks. They look snuggly.

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