February 23

I sent the boy off this morning at 5am. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself.

I took this picture yesterday.
Had I waited till this morning, he would have looked more like this.

I realize that you appreciate my efforts on your behalf.

I have never skied before. I am more of a staybythefiredrinkinghotcocoa kind of gal. It is way to cold out there to enjoy anything. There is no way on God’s white green earth that I am going to strap boards to my feet so I can go flying down a hill 20 miles an hour, 10º air blasting my face, with little sticks to make me go faster, only to go up and do it again. Nope.

Pass the hot chocolate.

Have you ever skied? Do you like it?

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18 thoughts on “February 23”

  1. Yes, we love it! In fact, I bought the boys and I our own skis this year. We go to homeschool ski days at various hills several times a month throughout the winter. In fact, I’m hoping the snow stays a while longer so we can get in 3 more ski days before the end of March. Sorry, we love to ski!

  2. I’ve never skied, but I used to want to. Now that I’m older, I’m with you and the hot cocoa. I’d much rather sit, read and watch everyone else come down the hill.

    I’d probably cause an avalanche if I went to the top of the slope. I’ve never seen anyone my size come down the hill, mostly skinny young things. I’m not sure anyone my size would be caught dead in those outfits. They have to add at least 20 lbs to you, and I don’t need that.

  3. Oh yes! We love to ski! In fact, that is the only good thing about snow, IMO. DH & I were pretty avid skiers when we lived in WY and we took the boys skiing in PA, while we lived in NoVA.

  4. The only things I can think of that could be worse than skiing is snowboarding and ice fishing…either way, you freeze your hiney off!!

    I am with you, pass me the cocoa too.

  5. I have always wanted to. However now,,, cold doesn’t sound too good. I’ll stay by the fire with you, drink chamomile tea, and watch my children (who have recently expressed a desire to go skiing) come down the hill, fall on their back sides, get up laughing and go for it again.

    Hey, you need to put another log on the fire 🙂

  6. Nope. Daddy used to take us to the ski slope up above Bellefontaine and we would watch others ski. Never had the desire. I will join you beside the fire. Make mine a White Chocolate Caramel Cappucinno with French Vanilla cream.I am sure Dean is havinf FUN!!!

  7. I’ve not down hill skied but I have done cross country skiing. Not fond of skiing at all. My winter sports consist of sledding, which I haven’t done in several years 😦 , and figure skating, been about 2 years since I did that.

    If I were at the ski slopes I’d be in the lodge w/my friends, hot cocoa or mocha coffee, with crochet on my lap.

  8. I love skiing, I am just not very good at it.
    I like it both ways. Skiing for a while, then retiring inside next to a blazing fire with hot coffee or tea and curling in a blanket, a fat cat on the lap, reading a favourite old book.
    It’s finally starting to cool down here in the land of hot hot hot. The days are still hot, but the noghts are getting very cool. My fingers are cold this morning. I need a hot shower, I just can’t get warm.

  9. I agree…if God had wanted us to ski He would have made our feet like skis’….oh I guess some have that problem!!! I like the sit by the fire cocoa drinking thing…either that…..or some beach some where!!!
    Pam ‘Oh Da Woods

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