February 22


Now I know everyone uses it, at least I hope everyone uses it.   Please raise your hands if your Sure!  The girl and I are going through a trial phase of our deodorant using.  We have tried the spray, and now the solid.  I really don’t want to move on to roll-on because, lets face it, roll-ons are sticky, gloppy, and gooey.   Blech!

We both have our favorites.  I like one, she likes the other.   I want to know which you like best.


Which do you prefer, spray, roll on, or solid?   Deodorant, or antiperspirant?   Scented?  Unscented?   Do you go au natural?  Do you use baking soda?  Baby powder?

I.  must.  know.

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  1. I use Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil deodorant. I had read long ago that your body becomes immune to anti-perspirants and that it is bad for your health to suppress sweat, I’ve also noticed the better I eat the better I smell.

  2. I use a solid – usually scented. I go from brand to brand because usually after a while one brand stops working for me. Also, there are some brands that I am allergic to.

  3. I use Secret Solid in Baby Powder Scent. Works good (I think) since I haven’t had anyone complain about my body odor. 🙂

  4. I use solid. I like Dove and Sure but only buy them if they are on sale or I have a coupon. Otherwise, Suave seems to do OK for me in the winter. Summer is another story. I buy scented but I don’t have one in particular that I go for.

  5. Well…. after much trial and error I’ve discovered that the older I’ve gotten the more –uh– uh— smell I have? (TMI?) And the general Secret, Lady’s Speed Stick and various others just don’t last long enough for me…. So I’ve started using the super expensive Secret Clinical Strength. Now, I never had anyone complain of my body odor before, but I could just tell that the regular stuff wasn’t working as well as I liked. The secret clinical stregth is great for me – it’s a sorta a solid – kinda mushy at first but it dries super fast! I highly recommend it!

  6. Sure Unscented Original Solid. None of the clear kinds work for me, they have something in them that gives me a rash.

    My daughter likes the Clinical Strength Secret. Not so much for odor problems, but because she feels like she perspires a lot. It seems to be pretty common among teenagers, probably a combination of hormones and nerves!

  7. Just wanted to say that I don’t think mom who wear tees and faded jeans are frumpy. Just read your comment over at Big’s. You’re practical, sensible, focused, enjoy your job, and comfortable without drawing attention to yourself. I think I’d like you a whole lot. I have a hard time with Mommy’s who drop their kids off at school dressing like they are walking a run-way. It just seems totally out there to me.

    Awwwwhhhh thanks so much.

  8. I use powder scented Sure solid. I also keep some anti-perspirant spray for my shoes. I know they make stuff for your shoes, but I like the underarm stuff better. In fact there are days in the summer that I could use a spray all over my body.

  9. Unscented, Roll on. Green container. Also, Bossy’s husband uses it. Is this a bad sign?

    Yes, Bossy’s husband should not be using your deodorant. Tell him to get his own!

  10. I’m not sure. No really, I don’t pay attention to it. I did try the “crystal” deodorant once because I heard antiperspirants can be bad for you. Take my word for it and DON’T GO THERE. 😀

  11. Used to use the aerosol – until I heard how bad it was for me.

    Now use the solid – change brands often though.

    Hate ummm really hate those gels – ewwwww!

    Used a crystal deodorant which worked for awhile then stopped, weird – but it was nice – you just wet it a bit and used it – it took ages to wear down.

  12. Before reading what anyone else has posted I’ll say that some days you are just too nosey. What’s up with you wanting to know about whether I use deoderant and if so what do I prefer. Thats like asking what tooth brush I use/prefer.

    I’ll respond anyway:

    I use either solids or gels. Don’t like the liquid rollons or sprays.

    My biggest problem is finding a deoderant that isn’t an anti-persperant.

  13. OK
    I hit submit before checking the spelling so pleas excuse any and all spelling errors.
    Thank you.

    Now to read what everyone else is using. Yes, I’m nosy too but at least I didn’t ask the questions.

  14. I use a spray. It is in the blue can. Not sure what it is called. For some reason I am thinking Extra but, that is gum. lol

    I used to use secret but, everything but spray makes me itchy.

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