February 13

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.

It will be a normal day, except that I will be spending the bulk of it alone. The girl hangs out with a friend on Thursday evenings, the boy has volunteered to work a special Valentines supper at work, and Superman will be at work.

I don’t generally go all out for this holiday, but this year I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. Stupid, yes, but there it is.

So, tell me your plans. What are you fixing for supper? Are you getting your hubbie a card? chocolates? nothing? making a special meal? Do you even celebrate the day?

Let me live vicariously through you!

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27 thoughts on “February 13”

  1. I got both hubby and kids a card and candy. Hubby will be working, so it’s just me and the kids.

    I might fix a special meal if I feel up to it. But I’m not sure what yet.

  2. I will buy a card for hubby and candy for the kids.
    Being my hubs is a trucker he usually isn’t home for such important things. But he will give me a card and flowers.
    Thanks for the heads up that it is tomorrow already!!

  3. DH and I already went out to eat Monday night for Valentine’s Day. We beat the crowd that way, plus we had babysitting. Our oldest babysits her younger brother, but she’s in high demand with her other clients on special days. So we worked around this, and she ends up making even more money this way. 🙂

    Tomorrow night it will be just the two of us and the 6-year-old, so I need to come up with a romantic kid-friendly meal…is that even possible?! 🙂

  4. I got my DH Seasons 8 and 9 of King of Queens and I also got him a zip-tie. They’re so cool. No tying whatsoever. You just zip the tie up to your neck. You can see them at http://www.kohls.com and search zip-tie.

    I’ll probably just give the kids some candy. I don’t go all out for V-day.

    Supper will be just like any other Thursday. With 4 kids, it’s very hard to get something romantic squeezed in. 🙂

    Tanya, I’m sorry you will be alone.

  5. We don’t really celebrate this one. I have to work late, so supper will be from the crock pot (roast and potatoes). But, I will make heart shaped sugar cookies tonight to have tomorrow. My man LOVES sugar cookies.

  6. I always make a special meal.

    I have the kids to make decorations throughout the house.

    When hubby comes home, we have the entire house lit with candles.

    He ususally gives me a card and flowers/candy.

  7. No plans for me…I’ve done my Valentine shopping for parents, grandmother, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons. This morning’s plan is to do some baking. (Some of that baking includes the homemade pop tarts that you tormented us with. I might have been fine if you hadn’t said that eating the store pop tarts was like eating the box. LOL!) Tomorrow, I’ll be delivering the goods and then enjoying a quiet evening at home by myself. They can be treasures, too.

    (Did you change your settings for how comments are left? I’ve never had to do so much typing before.)

  8. I am not sure. I had plans for a Valentine Tea for the girls and heart shaped pizzas for the family, but the boy and I both have eye appointments in the morning and then we all have to go to the bank to sign papers in the evening. Don’t know if I’ll have time to do the tea. Maybe do that on Friday. 🙂

  9. We probably won’t do anything extra special. I am sending Mr. Wonderful an e-card…does that count???

    Annie went to Walmart and read me the Valentines card she would have gotten me. One time when she was home for a visit and we were at Walmart she said “Mom, let me show you the card I was going to get you.” We laughed and decided that’s the best way to do it…you don’t have to buy it, we can have a giggle or two…and save money.

    I might try to do something special…I’m not sure what yet…it will take DEEP thought!

  10. We don’t do anything… we don’t even get cards/candy for each other. If I remind my husband about it, he will get the kids each a candy heart, but only one of my kids will each chocolate, so basically it’s just a big waste. I will probably make it to my daughter’s valentine’s party at school, but that’s it… now big fan fare – no special meal – just the usual daily grind!

    Don’t feel too alone – you and the chips can celebrate Valentine’s on the Weekend… that gives you extra time to enjoy chocolate and you know if it’s for a holiday, the calories don’t count! RIGHT? LOL

    Absolutely not.

  11. Nope nothing special – we were going to try to go out tonight since tomorrow night will be a zoo at restaurants – but have decided against that due to low funds.

    Tomorrow night we actually have our insurance rep coming over to reassess our house insurance (I think we are paying too much) – how is that for romance? 🙂

  12. Jerry got me a Heart shaped box of Rochers (the crispy hazelnut chocolate wrapped in gold paper) & I got him a bag of Lindt hazelnut truffles, a chili cookbook (that I’ll give him tomorrow) & Armani Code that I gave him Saturday when he took me to the mall so I could buy it for him(that I had to put on my Dillards card). Sounds like a real even exchange, huh?
    We took our little valentine( born 22 years ago today) out for supper last night. We usually tie Valentine’s day in with her birthday. Tomorrow is one of our new Grandson’s parent’s 7th anniversary!!!!

  13. I ordered myself some books 😀
    I ordered the boys some books, too.
    My poor husband will have to order his own. He would probably love for me to bake him something sugary, chocolatey, and buttery….that ain’t happening either.

    The books aren’t actually for Valentine’s Day though….they are just because we love books, books. Soooo, I guess we’re doing nothing, but professing our absolute & enduring love for each other. 😉

  14. I pick up my granddaughter from daycare on Thursdays. She spends the night and I take her back on Fridays. We will probably do something special for her.

    and we’ll probably go through her valentimes(that’s what she calls them) at least a dozen times, and she’ll eat her candy.

    She’s alwasy an adventure. She just turned 4.

  15. The husband buys me and Jessica a heart with chocolates in it. Me and Jessica make the husband a 12″ round chocolate chip cookie and decorate it with frosting 😀

    I might make a special meal, but I’m not sure what yet 😛

    Tanya~I will cut you a piece of chocolate chip cookie 🙂

    Will you eat it for me, washed down with an iced cold glass of milk, with the slightest bit of froth on the top???

  16. well CC when i was out buying bags of Dove pieces with caramel for “someone” my dhusband said..”one of those bags better be for me..so it is…then he has to work that night..sorry you will be alone..but don’t forget to check your mail in a few days..warm and loving hugs..Mona

    Mona, you are a sweetheart.

  17. A card for dh, then for supper I am making steaks, garlic red mashed potatoes, caesar salad. For dessert, I am making a (frozen) chocolate cake thingie with fudge in the middle.

    Hugs to you, friend.

  18. No plans here, but after reading all these entries I’am feeling a bit inspired.
    One year DH got me 14 pounds of chocolate,4 dozen tea roses {3 colores of pink and lavender},and a card plus we went to Red Lobster. That was the first year we were married.
    Now we will read cards at wal-mart off the discount rack.lol

  19. My present will be delivered and installed Friday – A HOT TUB!!

    A hot tub………oh, the green eyed monster will have to be beaten back. I bet it will feel so good on your back!

  20. Oops hit the submit button to early. I plan on cooking shrimp Fettucine, garlic bread, salad, and cheesecake. Hubby’s favorite meal.

    The kids will be receiving a Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss.

  21. I got my guys an assortment of chocolate (kisses,snickers,peanut butter cups and butterfingers) I will fix a special meal. I am thinking Shrimp Scampi!! I will probably wake up to a note on the mirror,written in my lipstick from my hubs. He does that every year. Even though I chastise him for using my lipstick. I did learn to buy a cheap tube and hide the good stuff. Have a good day Tanya and give yourself a hug from me.

    I can do that. Hug yourself back.

  22. I have no plans for tomorrow, not that it would do any good, my daughter is sick. I actually forgot about the 14th and was surprised that it is tomorrow, not that it matters. I’ve been terribly busy lately. You don’t want to be living vicariously through me. 😉 Unless I get chocolates. Just because I don’t do anything doesn’t mean my husband doesn’t. He usually does.

  23. Since my hubby isn’t here, he got me my gift last week. You will be so jealous!! I’ll have to have the boy take pics later today of my gift that is a demonstration of hubby’s love for me. 😉

    I’ll do something for hubby after he comes home next week.

    Today I’ll be going out to lunch w/several ladies from church who’s husbands are gone (home to heaven, work or war). We’re going to a very nice restaurant for lunch because it’s cheaper and easier to get into a restaurant than dinner will be. My kids will be babysitting for one lady as she only has one in school and her baby will be going with her.

  24. I actually folded the laundry and put it away this time. That’s something special! I hope my husband appreciates it because it probably won’t happen agin until Fathers Day.
    I cooked dinner too, but nothing fancy. He is at work and he gets to come home and heat it up himself. I’ll be snoozing by then.
    V-Day isn’t really a big deal around here.
    The chocolate is off limits this year because I am on a diet. I snuck a piece in though. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. 😉

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