February 12

Every winter Superman grows a beard. bleh…

If you recall, I am not a fan of facial hair, but he loves his beard, and every year, it gets earlier and earlier when he begins letting it grow.

This year he started in September. bleh…   I beg for him not to start till after Thanksgiving, but it is his face, and his hair…bleh.

Sunday, Superman did something so wonderful for me.

He cut it off.  For me.   It is the little things, people…the little things.

So, I must ask you. Which do you like better? the beard or the goatee?

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21 thoughts on “February 12”

  1. Ok, that sounded like you can hug the goatee and not get scratched. I meant to say, you can hug your HUSBAND and his face won’t scratch yours.

    Just had to clear that up. Wish they made edit buttons for the commenters. 😉

  2. I don’t like beards. I don’t like facial hair at all but as little as possible if one must. A beard or goatee makes a man look old(er). But if I must choose one then it would be the lesser of the evils – the less hair – THE GOATEE.

  3. I have been married for 23 years and I have never seen my husband’s bare face – he has had a beard the entire time that we dated and have been married. I don’t know what I would do if he would shave!

  4. I think your husband has the right face shape to handle either the beard or the goatee. Some men look really saggy in the jowls with just a goatee, and a beard helps to hide that.

    My husband has a beard, and I like it. IMO, a beard is less prickly than a five o’clock shadow.

  5. Definatly the Goatee…. my husband has one too…. and there’s at least some smooth skin I can smooch on! LOL

    I really prefer that he keep the goatee all year around, because if he doesn’t he starts to look like Mr. Potato Head! lol

    Give that man a hug and a kiss – he shaved it off just for you!!! What a keeper!

    Exactly, smooth skin to smooch.

  6. I like a beard best! Some men just look so handsome with a beard.

    I do however prefer a clean shaven face, unless they are growing it for a Easter or Christmas drama!

    Your dad has had his mustache for so long, since before Andra was born, but I remember once after your sister was born he shaved it off and you didn’t know him at first. Of course you were only 2 1/2, he promtly grew it back. I think he shaved it another time too but grew it back.

    I think a mans face looks younger without facial hair.

    Wonder what he would look like now without it???

  7. I used to love beards on men, my dad grew one every winter and then after him and my mom divorced he stopped. I loved feeling that scratchy feeling when he’d tuck us in at night, it’s a dad thing. But the goatee makes him look younger so I vote for the goatee. Now my husband has no luck whatsoever in growing any facial hair 🙂


  8. My hubby has had both. My only complaint is when the facial hair gets long and tries to go up my nose when we get all kissy face 😆

    I do love my hubby in a goatee and have told him if he shaves off the mustashe I’ll begin calling him by his brother’s name as they look so much alike when they’re clean shaven.

    As for Superman I think he looks great w/either style. His beard is well trimmed so it looks very neat. It is very sweet of him to shave just for you and w/o being asked/nagged into doing so. 😉

  9. I prefer facial hair; so either is good. But I think the goatee looks a smidge better on Superman.

    My husband has a goatee. One night, a couple of years ago, I came home from worship team rehearsal to discover that he had shaved it and his mustache off – without warning me!! 😯 I couldn’t take it. I stared at him for days trying to get used to it. It felt like I was kissing another man! 😯 He grew it back for me. ::dreamy sigh::

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