February 10


When I was a kid, I used to moan about how it was taking ‘foreeeeeever’ to get to my birthday or Christmas, or Easter. Those were the biggest holidays around our house, and they all equaled presents. Christmas and Easter equaled chocolate. My mother would usually say something like ‘when you get older, time will go faster’. I remember thinking that mom was blowing smoke.

Now that I am older, I realize that she wasn’t blowing anything. She was spot on.

My boy graduates this year. I have been busily filling out FASFA forms, getting PIN numbers, finding college codes, and worrying.

A friend of mine was saying the other day that when her son moved out, she was able to see all the things she missed. She said ” Once they move out, all of the holes in life training become apparent like a sore thumb”.

Did I teach him all the right things. Did I teach him enough. Is he prepared enough to be on his own. Did I forget anything. Oh, I pray I didn’t forget anything….but what if I did.

Time….it is running away from me, and I am chasing it like a dog chases a car.

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  1. I know what you mean Tanya. My mom used to say the same thing. The older we get the faster time goes. I used to worry if I had done all I could to help prepare my kids for the world. Jason will come across with something I did or said when he was younger and I realize I did an okay job. You are doing a fine job.(that is probably due to the fact that you have great kids to start with!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. I think D is totally ready! He already knows how to do the most important thing in life: COOK! Any wife in the world will appreciate that! 🙂

  3. I loved this post CC. You made such an impact with the pictures of a clock and this milestone you are facing.
    Your boy is more than ready to handle anything that comes his way. The prayers of a mom avail much and I’m sure you will continue to pray for God to meet his every need no matter where he goes or what he does. I’m sure he will always come home to tell mom all about it.
    Love and ((((hugs)))

  4. I’m beginning to worry the same things. I’ve got about 3 years but wasn’t it a short time ago when he was still riding w/training wheels and now he’ll be driving away on his own one day.

  5. Time is the oddest subjective thing. It flies by unless you are waiting for it to pass.

    Yes, there were some holes found when my son moved out, some I expected, because I knew what we had taught him, but most were surprising. For instance, I thought he knew he was supposed to refrigerate leftover spaghetti sauce. Of course sharing a refrigerator with those who steal food might have led to him keeping it in his room. “It hasn’t made me sick yet.” were not exactly comforting words to my ears. @@

    I knew he did not know a lot about car repair. I could not teach it and hubby did not teach enough of it. Hubby has been teaching it to him as needed during the past 2+ years.

    I could have never prepared him for a few other things, but he used his head and worked it out. Being able to work out things covers a lot of holey ground in life.

    I will not tell you not to worry because when I was in your shoes, I could not seem to help it. ((hugs))

  6. Great post with clocks…very ingenious….I know what you mean about time flying by…where does it go so fast for heavens sake!! My oldest hasn’t moved out but I see a few things that I consider holes and I am trying to address them. She is almost 20 and is planning on moving out later this year. Over all I think she will be fine. But it is so hard not to worry about it!!

  7. Ya know…Moms have a way of getting things right even when we think they’re blowing smoke. It’s amazing how as you get older your Mom seems so wise. I know I look at her very differently now than I used to.

    I saw you over at Pioneer Woman and thought I’d pay your blog a visit. Happy Sunday!

  8. I love the symbolism with the clocks. It is so fitting with your post. Yes…it’s the holes that have me worried the most. I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with an SOL for what the kids should know before they leave home….a checklist to cover as many contingencies as we could think of…..

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