February 1

If you could lengthen one month to 50 days (instead of the normal 28, 29, 30, or 31), which month would you choose?

Well, it certainly isn’t January, that’s for sure. I am thinking either May,  June or October.

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17 thoughts on “February 1”

  1. I would probably choose September! It’s not as hot and as October comes in it starts getting cooler so the extra 20 days would be the weather we would have in October.

  2. I would say May. I love Spring months and the new smells in the air. Flowers blooming and such. Not the next door neighbors trash. lol. But, everything seems so new and I would like that feeling to last a little longer.

  3. As long as where we live has seasons that change I love October. The blue of an October sky is one of my favorite colors. I adore the smell of fall leaves. Yep, October is probably my favorite month.

  4. August maybe? Not that its the best climate then but I/we are never ready when school starts. We usually have not taken a vacation yet. Didn’t get the school shopping done when its ready to begin. The summers just go way too fast.
    But maybe its just because this mom is not ready to send a teen off to college yet……….again.

  5. July – definitely JULY — I love summer and the long days and all of the fun we do as a family during the summer. July is our vacation month, but we also have to cram the yearly Softball Nationals into the month and it seems like we are running around crazy for the entire month! I need more days in July!

  6. I wouldn’t want to lengthen any month unless we could lengthen the number of paydays in the month also! We are military and get paid on the the 1st and 15th…

    BUT…if I had to choose it would depend on where we live. June is Alaska is beautiful! It would be nice to lengthen the summer a little! In the south, I’d have to say October.

  7. I’m like Beth and wouldn’t do any unless it meant we’d get paid more often, we get paid on the 5th and 20th and there is no way we could go an extra 30 days w/o a check.

    Otherwise I don’t know which month I’d choose.

  8. …Hello Chocolatechic, my choice would be October… I just love autumn and it never ever lasts long enough, it just seems you get the pumpkins and Indian corn out and before you know it – it’s Santa time!

    …Since you asked, does this mean that the month that gets the most votes will now be extended? ;o)

    …Blessings… :o)

    Oh…I wish, I so wish.

  9. 1000% October!! October has been my favorite month (with November running a close 2nd) for as long as I can remember. I love LOVE love the beautiful leaves, pumpkins, cooler nights, fireplace aromas and soooo much more. I actually like the way gardens look in mid-autumn a lot! 🙂

    So, which is it for you, May, June or October? :mrgreen:

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