January 30

So, last Saturday found the girl and I wandering around our local antique mall. I love all things antique, and I love going into that store. It warms the cockles of my heart, and lately, my cockles have been in desperate need of warming.

I have the perfect place for this Victorian chair that still has it’s original fabric. My bedroom is sadly lacking a chair like this, and well, I want it.

These dishes don’t match a single thing in my house, and that is a shame because these dishes are really beautiful. Don’t you think I deserve  these beautiful dishes? Can you not see a lovely fruit compote in the small dishes, or some seasoned green beans in the larger one? or even steaming hot, buttery mashed potatoes? or fried chicken? or I’d even be good and put in a salad…maybe…once.

This picture would look fabulous in my house. I am not really into yellow’s but this picture screamed at me ‘take me home’. I had to make it sad and walk away.

I have always wanted an old kitchen cabinet like this one, but not green. I’d love to strip it down to the original wood and just varnish it.

I love this old oak dresser. It is low, and is made for short people. I am a short people, so I really think that this dresser was made specifically for me!

Valentines Day is coming up, which one should I ask for?

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20 thoughts on “January 30”

  1. I love antique shops, you make me want to go to ours. We are called the Antique Capitol of Ohio or something like that. I want an old style kitchen as well, complete with an old stove/oven. I agree that green needs stripped down and if you feel a need to send me those dishes I will give you my address LOL…. I also like old fashioned hankies. I liked all the things in those pictures.

  2. I love antique shopping too! I told hubby that once the kids are grown, that’s going to be my hobby. Hehehehe!

    I’d choose the chair! It is so lovely.

  3. Why may you only ask for one? haha
    The chair,picture and the dishes would all be wonderful.
    The dresser too!
    I am going to have to rethink my loving all colors of green!!

  4. I’m not much into antiques myself….please don’t throw the tomatoes they are much better in a salad.

    The chair is nice and if it fits in your bedroom decor then that would be perfect.

    The painting….NO….sorry but it’s not my thing and I’d have to see it in a flattering setting to change my mind (I don’t think that the store did a good job in showing it off at all.

    The dishes – very pretty and if I collected things like that and had a place to show them off….

    The cabinet…..I’m all about good wood looking good which means not painted a color so hideous as that green, even if a kitchen was green. With the proper care and finishing that is the winning piece in my book. It looks like a good piece and can serve so many different functions, I’m all about practicality.

    Glad that you had fun out with the girl.

  5. You could do my shopping then I could stay indoors next to the heater!!
    My Great Grandmother had a cabinet like that one even green I think.. She always had HUGE sugar cookies in it.
    The dishes would be ruined by putting a salad in them..
    They were ment to hold mashed potatoes with a huge chunk of real butter oozzzing down the sides..Just the way Grandma made them..

  6. I think the picture would look perfect hanging near the chair. Love the dishes too…..but dishes are one of my weaknesses. :O) Let us know what you wind up with, but anyone of them would be wonderful!!


  7. OOoh I am a short person too, so I’d have that lovely dressing table! I love the dishes..and the look-see into a day in the life of chocolatechic! 🙂

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