January 28

I was tagged by Tressays for a book meme.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

Here is mine.

“Hit the Okay button to apply the crop. You’ll notice that the areas outside the crop are discarded, but also that the shape of the selection- which was trapezoidal- has been corrected to rectangluar. In this way our converging verticals have also become ‘true’.

This was from The Complete Digital Photography Manual by Philip Andrews and Peter Cope. It was either that, or my 1040A tax booklet.

Now, it is your turn.  Do it in the comments. I can’t wait to see what y’all are reading. I sure hope it is more interesting than what I am.

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  1. Rats. My computer’s temporarily in the kitchen. The closest thing was the Guide to Homeschooling in Florida and it only has 80 pages!

    That’s ok.

  2. “Later the clay hardened into stone.

    When the stone was clay, some of the plants and animals that died fell onto the clay and were pressed into it-the way you might make a dent in a piece of clay with your finger. When the clay hardened into stone, the animal and plant marks hardened, too.”

    From: Vol.6, How Things Change, of the 1970 edition of Childcraft. Page 123 just had pictures of fossils on it. So I went to page 122 for the text of the article entitled, “Messages from Long Ago.”

    I love Childcraft. This particular set is the one I had as a child. It is so fun to see my boys reading and learning from the same books I loved as a child. I spent hours reading in the People to Know volumes. I loved reading about other people’s lives. Guess that explains why I love reading blogs. 🙂

  3. THe ornateely carved tables were surrounded by richly upholstered chairs in which sat the truly elite of washingtons business and political circles.
    The prices ensured that the clientele would remain that way.
    While crowded, the pace of the restaurant was unhurried;its occupants unused to being dictated to, they moved at their own level of intensity.
    Sometimes their very presence at a particul table, a raised eyebrow, a stifled cough, a knowing look, was a full day’s work for them, and would reap huge rewards for them personally or for those whom they represented.
    “Absolute Power” By David Baldacci.

  4. “Like the books of Samuel and Chronicles, 1 and 2 Kings were originally one book. English translations have followed the division of the books first made in the Greek and Latin versions. The composition of the books of Kings was completed during the Babylonian captivity.”
    From “Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts”
    It’s actually page 124; page 123 is a chart.

    As an aside: I found your blog thanks to the fun of blog hopping. Usually I’m a lurker, but this intrigued me enough to delurk for a change.

  5. “And the breadth of the courton the east side,eastward, shall be fifty cubits.
    The hanging of one side of the gate shall befifteen cubits: their pillars three, and their sockets three.
    And on the other side shall be hangings fifteen cubits: their pillars three, and their sockets three.”

    HOLY BIBLE King James Version

  6. “How little his church membership had known of this fellowship until this small group had begun to do as thy believed Jesus would do.” From the classic-In his Steps/Charles M. sheldon–my daughter is reading ti for 10 grade language….how interesting that is the section that came up, I have such a heart for small group ministry. cool. HAVE A GREAT DAY WITH JESUS!

  7. …Hello, love your blog and I see you quite often over at PW’s site. Here it goes:
    “In addition to the normal arrow and the pencil icon telling you which drawing tool is selected, there’s a circle around the arrow’s point. This shows the size of the current brush. Okay, a pencil normally has a point, not a brush.”

    …I am currently reading “Beginning GIMP From Novice to Professional” from Akkana Peck. I can’t afford Photoshop so this is gonna have to do for now. lol… ;o)

    …Blessings… :o)

  8. “In the first five volumes of the Journal of World-System Research, less than 4% of the articles address women’s issues.”

    From, The Modern/Colonial/Capitalist World -Sytsem on the Twentieth Century, (Global Processes, Antisytemic Movements and the Geopolitics of Knowledge.)Part II. Women’s Studies, Feminist Theory and World Systems Analysis. This is actually page 127, because page 123 was a reference list for the prior chapter [part I chapter 6. Free trade Imperialism, National Economic Development, and free enterprise Imperialism.]. (And pages 124-127 were blank pages)

    I haven’t got this far in the book yet though.

  9. “From her office near the Las Vegas airport, McGee and her 10-person staff scour cheap-ticket Web sites and solicit donated seats from airlines,relying on foundation grants and individual donations to fund their $3 million budget.”These kids wouldn’t get the help they needed without these flights,” says Diane Wilde,surgery coordinator for Denver,Colo.,practice that treats rare respiratory illnesses. “Ann is a national hero.”

    Poeple Feb. 4,2008

  10. One time the Sunday school superintendent ate his lunch on the roof of the church because we broke the attendance record. Not God-especially if he had lost his footing and fallen off the roof.
    Several times a year we would have a missions Sunday.
    From: I’m Trying ti Sit at His Feet,But Who’s Going to Cook Dinner?by Cathy Lechner

  11. And the Lord bpoke to Moses, saying, This is the offering of Aaron ans his sons, which they shall offer to the Lord, beginning on the day when he is anointed: onetenth of the ephah of fine flour as a daily grain offering, half of it in the morning and half of it at nigh. It shal be made in a pan with oil. When it is mixed, you shall bring it in.
    Leviticus 7:19-21

  12. Fun!

    “I feed my baby this meal in the morning at around 8-9 am, after I’ve gotten the older kids off to school. The baby can wait to eat his breakfast because the milk feeding he drank upon awakening tides him through the early morning. The main meal includes egg yolk.”

    from Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

    I have a 7 month old and I’ve used this book with all my kids (I have 4) for home-made baby food and knowing at which age they can have which foods, recipes/instructions for preparing it, and all kinds of other info. Figures that this particular spot wouldn’t be interesting, though. haha!

  13. “What did perseverance have to do with that? Name another type of task for which you will need to persevere.
    Practice: practice perseverance by following your plan to do that requirement for the athlete activity badge.”
    – Cub Scout Webelo handbook.

  14. “He paused to wipe the sweat off his forehead with the back of his sleeve,” (sounds like I’m reading a torrid romance novel, eh? “and saw Norma Sue, Esther Mae and Adela come bustling out of the salon. They made a beeline for Pace as soon as they spotted him, and there was no mistaking the purpose for their visit. Pace had never been so uncomfortable in all of his life as the ladies began expounding on Sheri Marsh’s outstanding attributes.”
    -“Meeting Her Match” by Debra Clopton

  15. Hello dear Tanya. :mrgreen:

    Ironic that you and I both had a photography book nearest us. 😀 I was tagged and did an entry on it late last night. Along with my latest birdie photos upon a cloudy day.

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