January 27

Pretty bleak, isn’t it?

That is what my view of the outside has been for weeks. Weeks I tell ya, and now, that is kind of what my mood looks like. Dull. Grey. Overcast. Bleh.

I need to do something to raise my spirits. Something besides consuming 43 pounds of cinnamon rolls and chocolate and all other manner of carbohydrates. The cats are sick of being tormented, the chips are sick of looking at each other, and quite frankly they are wearing a bit thin on. my. last. nerve.

Someone, anyone send me some sunshine. I am going nuts here in the north.

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10 thoughts on “January 27”

  1. Wish I could send you some but, it is as bleak here in my part of ohio as in yours.

    What I do and it gets the kids up and moving and me too is just put on some music, loud and sing and dance. Gets ya moving and gets you laughing. Well, if you ever seen my children dance you would understand the laughing part. It puts some sunshine in to our lives for a little bit and we all seem a little bit more cheery.

    But, that’s us, I hope you find some sunshine soon.

  2. Go to the nearest travel agent – gets lots of brochures for hot sunny places – bring them home and daydream and fantasize with the chips.

    Where would you go if you had unlimited money? What would you do while there? What adventures you might have.

  3. Pop a blankie in the dryer for a few minutes, then retrieve it for a terrific reading time on the sofa beside your favorite candle all aglow. It’ll be heavenly. Oh, encourage dear children to think of something fantastic for supper!

  4. You could bring the lawn chairs indoors,set up the beach umbrella,sprinkle a little sand on the floor, and get out the beachballs. Put on your swimwear and some tropical music,close your eyes and just pretend you are on the beach in Hawaii. Ohhh,sounds like fun.

  5. light a few candles and buy natural light bulbs, it is how I get through winter on the lake. You think it is dreary there live here. I am doing better since we only use natural light bulbs.

  6. But but but – winter’s almost over! I mean we are nearly at the end of January, right? Sorry – I am not much help since I am probably even farther north than you are.

  7. My dear, I have more than enough sunshine…you are welcome to mine. I am looking forward to this winter. It will be my last for at least three years. Then I am back in Queensland, where the sun never sleeps.

    There’s a saying here about Queensland. We call it God’s land. Because it’s beautifu one day and perfect the next. Why He chose to fill it with idiots is anyone’s guess…..

    (Spoken by a girl born and bred in New South Wales….state rivalry, aint it grand)

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