January 25

Choose a free gift:

  • a daily back massage,
  • dinner at a restaurant twice per week,
  • or a brand new book twice per month.

I would definately choose restaurant twice per week. Then I would make Superman choose the daily back massage, and we could switch once in awhile.

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16 thoughts on “January 25”

  1. Okay, we’ve chosen…

    So, when do we receive our gifts???

    Well, sister dear, I never said I was the one giving them out. Just letting you choose.

  2. While all three sound wonderful…..

    I don’t have time to read for pleasure very often so the books would be out (also what is the guarantee that I’d like the books given and I’d feel obligated to keep them – why I don’t join those book clubs via snail mail anymore).

    I already eat out more that I should – could this one be changed to having a full course meal brought in so we all sat down together at home and ate?

    I would go for the daily massage, it would benefit the whole family because I’d be more relaxed 😆

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