January 2**updated for the answer**

It all started 3 years ago, when I got the greatest idea of wrapping a jumbo package of batteries individually for the boy. They were so cute. It was so fun. They looked like Tootsie Rolls.

This is one of the things I received in my stocking.

What do you think they are? I will tell you what they are tonight.

Only one person answered correctly.Β  Dr.Pepper got it right.

Malted Milk balls.Β  yum…

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20 thoughts on “January 2**updated for the answer**”

  1. OK, I’ve not looked at what others have posted.

    The look rather round so I don’t think that they are the Almond Rocha that the girl gave you. Perhaps some type of chocolate, maybe fudge….no that can in a tin and there was only evidence of the lining not individual wrappers….HMMMMM….chocolate covered cherries perhaps?

    Now off to read what everyone else guessed.

  2. Your Cashew Roca? They were good. I don’t know though. They seemed shaped different. I do imagine it is some type of chocolate. That seems to be the going thing, you know. As in going, going, gone!

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