January 31

Meet Frank.

Frank is my first photo shoot. I don’t think you can call it a photo shoot if you don’t get paid for it. Actually, it really wasn’t necessarily a ‘photo shoot’ but more of a ‘CanIPleaseTakePicturesOfYourCatSoICanPracticeMyPhotography’ shoot.

Semantics, people, it is all semantics!

Frank was Lindsay’s cat. Lindsay was our pastor’s daughter.

So, Frank is livin’ large these days.


Out of the last 2 photo’s, which one do you like the best. I like the first one better, but I’d love to hear what you think.

January 30

So, last Saturday found the girl and I wandering around our local antique mall. I love all things antique, and I love going into that store. It warms the cockles of my heart, and lately, my cockles have been in desperate need of warming.

I have the perfect place for this Victorian chair that still has it’s original fabric. My bedroom is sadly lacking a chair like this, and well, I want it.

These dishes don’t match a single thing in my house, and that is a shame because these dishes are really beautiful. Don’t you think I deserve¬† these beautiful dishes? Can you not see a lovely fruit compote in the small dishes, or some seasoned green beans in the larger one? or even steaming hot, buttery mashed potatoes? or fried chicken? or I’d even be good and put in a salad…maybe…once.

This picture would look fabulous in my house. I am not really into yellow’s but this picture screamed at me ‘take me home’. I had to make it sad and walk away.

I have always wanted an old kitchen cabinet like this one, but not green. I’d love to strip it down to the original wood and just varnish it.

I love this old oak dresser. It is low, and is made for short people. I am a short people, so I really think that this dresser was made specifically for me!

Valentines Day is coming up, which one should I ask for?

January 29

Last Wednesday, I was never more excited, the sun came out for 23 minutes. Not only did the sun come out for 23 minutes, but a friend had given me a bouquet of magenta tulips. Oh, the joy, the pleasure and happiness of not only sunshine, but a color that isn’t gray. I almost danced.

I couldn’t wait to photograph them. I couldn’t wait to see what my wonderful new camera would do with the lovelies.

Doesn’t this just warm your soul?

I couldn’t wait to see how close I could get.

I really wanted to be able to get up close and personal with these tulips.

But alas, I have no macro lens.

So, I will have to photograph their beauty from afar.

Which one is your favorite?

January 28

I was tagged by Tressays for a book meme.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

Here is mine.

“Hit the Okay button to apply the crop. You’ll notice that the areas outside the crop are discarded, but also that the shape of the selection- which was trapezoidal- has been corrected to rectangluar. In this way our converging verticals have also become ‘true’.

This was from The Complete Digital Photography Manual by Philip Andrews and Peter Cope. It was either that, or my 1040A tax booklet.

Now, it is your turn.¬† Do it in the comments. I can’t wait to see what y’all are reading. I sure hope it is more interesting than what I am.

January 27

Pretty bleak, isn’t it?

That is what my view of the outside has been for weeks. Weeks I tell ya, and now, that is kind of what my mood looks like. Dull. Grey. Overcast. Bleh.

I need to do something to raise my spirits. Something besides consuming 43 pounds of cinnamon rolls and chocolate and all other manner of carbohydrates. The cats are sick of being tormented, the chips are sick of looking at each other, and quite frankly they are wearing a bit thin on. my. last. nerve.

Someone, anyone send me some sunshine. I am going nuts here in the north.

January 26

On the way home from church Wednesday evening, we were discussing the new ping-pong table that the youth group has.

Superman ~~ Son, I’d love to play a game with you, but I’d win.

Boy~~No, dad, I’d win.

This went on for about 10 seconds, while I rolled my eyes and tried to drive faster so that I could get away from all that testosterone.

Finally the boy said “do you know why I’d win? Because my reflexes are faster than a mongoose on caffeine.”

Alrighty then!

January 25

Choose a free gift:

  • a daily back massage,
  • dinner at a restaurant twice per week,
  • or a brand new book twice per month.

I would definately choose restaurant twice per week. Then I would make Superman choose the daily back massage, and we could switch once in awhile.