December 31


This is the day that I generally reflect over the past year. Things gained, things lost, joys, disappointments, how bad my hair looks, how great my kitchen looks, and how happy I am I have a new camera, new friends, loss, and I try to forget how much chocolate I have consumed. Hershey’s and I are BFF’s.

This year will be forever etched in my memory of the Year In Which All Things Revolved Around The Girl.

What has this year been for you? The year in which…..?

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13 thoughts on “December 31”

  1. The year in which I never knew if the phone call from my sister was to tell me if my mother had lost her fight. It looks like the new year will be the same. On a brighter note though, today is my youngest son’s 22nd birthday. WOW. It seems like only yesterday they laid a little four pound baby in my arms. Now look at him!

  2. This year was filled with a lot of things for me too. I have been my lowest I have ever been this year. Been the highest also.

    My year would probably be the year I thought would never happened but, it did I lived through it and didn’t think I could.

    In other words, the year of Johnathan.

  3. 2007 is the year that I came to the realization that this small podunk town we moved to 3 years ago is slowly becoming home. At this point, I do not want to move. We found a church we love and that has made a HUGE difference in our lives. This is the longest we’ve lived in one place since 1999. The kids have all made friends and the townspeople have finally accepted us, even though we don’t talk “southern”.

    So, I call this the year of acceptance.

  4. CC, I like the photograph.

    I’m trying to remember what this year was to me. I made changes in my life. I suppose this is the year in which I returned to my garden.

  5. This would be “The Year I was Never Home”. At any given point I was working 2 to 3 jobs and or going to school, all at once. At least 4 nights out of the week I didn’t get home until late. Now, I’m back two just 3 jobs and no school.

    And your hair looks fine.

    Where are you working?

  6. A few more pounds a few more gray hairs! Less money more stress. One part time job instead of two full time jobs. Feel better,family mending,new friends, new skills, more bills! Beautiful Grandbabies growing to fast..

  7. I’ll have to put some thought into this one. Perhaps I’ll blog about it…when I’ve got it figured out.

    BTW your hair looks great to me, classy and sassy at the same time – just the way I picture you to be. 😀

    Elaine that is one of the best compliments that I have had in a very long time. Thanks!!!

  8. Two years ago ‘we’ retired from the military and the following two years we spent moving, resettling, and being temporarily retired. This year dear hubby went to work as a deputy sheriff. I guess that is the big event that will stand out over time. It has/is taking some time to adapt to this lifestyle.

  9. For me this has been a year of pain! A year I wouldn’t want to live through again but…with new knowledge of understanding others who go through pain. I can’t imagine my sister having gone through pain for seven years being excruiating as mine, or my daughter who is going through pain now and although it is a different kind of pain it is still unbearable to be going through. She shares the same pain as my sister had.

    I always believe there is a reason for what we go through. I never questioned however why me? If anything my question would be why not me? I am not so special that God doesn’t allow me to go through things!

    This has also been a trying year with mom and her health! Who would have thought she would have made it through Christmas? Good news…she has and I am so thankful God has given me yet the beginning of another year with my mom, the one who has given me so much!

    Whatever we go through,no matter how unbearable at times, we can have the assurance that God will not allow us to go through it without His permission or without him going through it with us.

    I pray this next year will bring an abundance of God’s blessings to us all!

  10. As always there have been trials to endure, fun things along the way. But this will always be the year of returning to college. Although there will be many more years of college to endure as well, this was the first, after 22 years away. Perhaps it should be known as “The A list”????? or “Michielle the Over Achiever”? as I have been called, or even “the woman who skewed the curve”?

    Happy New Year,

    PS, your hair is fine, I don’t know why you worry about it.

  11. I am with Elaine. Your hair is sassy and that’s just GREAT! Nothing wrong with a bit of SASS!
    2007 had many ups and downs for me. Hopefully 2008 will go smoother. I had some great plans for 2007 and never followed through with any of them. This year is my ‘make-up’ year in which I will cram all of last years to-do list into this year!
    *Oh My…I better get to work then!* LOL

  12. I have updated my blog CC. I have finally written my The year in which…
    Just for you since you asked.

    Way cool.

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