December 29

On November 23 I placed an order at the local lumber yard. November 23rd, peoples. The item that I ordered came to my house broken. Twice. The third order never left the lumber yard because it was broken too.

I have decided that I do not want to do any remodeling of my house. If this is any indication of the frustration that will happen during a remodel….nope.Β Β  I don’t need it thankyouverymuch! Small and dated works for me.

The 4th and final box finally arrived, and I finally quit complaining and whining and moaning and griping and muttering under my breath about it taking so stinkin’ long for the lumber yard to get it’s act together!

Everyone else was glad that I finally quit too.

I also got a hard wood maple butcher block top for it. I was able to get it for much less than I could have gotten a piece of counter top. I was really happy about that. When it came, it wasn’t what I had expected, but it is beautiful and I am not disappointed.

I swallowed hard when the boy brought up power tools and got them near my butcher block. He grinned and gunned the drill like Leatherface in Texas ChainSaw Massacre.

I hovered closely, as he put the drill bit in, and gunned the drill, again. What is it with men and their power tools?

Isn’t it beautiful? See how much darker the top is? That is from all the mineral oil we have been applying. We certainly don’t want it to warp. The boy made me chant the little ditty about the mineral oil, and how often to apply it, till I could say it in my sleep.


Once a day for a week,

once a week for a month,

once a month for a year,

once a year for a lifetime.


Or is it once a month for a lifetime. I don’t remember, but please don’t tell him that. I will be having mineral oil nightmares for weeks if he finds out.


Do you have an island in your kitchen? Do you wish you had an island in your kitchen?

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26 thoughts on “December 29”

  1. It’s a beauty!! Yes, I have an island in my kitchen and my stove is in it. I wish I had a place for people to sit at like yours. πŸ™‚

    I’ll come for a visit and sit with you while we have some Hot Chocolatechic Mix drink. πŸ™‚

    Sounds wonderful. Since it is only 36ΒΊ here, you might want to bring a coat.

  2. Your island looks great. Four attempts to get one unbroken would try anyone’s patience.

    I don’t have an island in my kitchen. Right now my kitchen is half office, so there is no place for an island. With the office stuff gone, I have room and I used to have a table in the kitchen. I don’t know if I want an island or not, we need new carpets, some hardwood installed and some hardwood refinished so badly that I can’t think beyond that project that will hopefully be done in the coming year.

  3. Hi, just came over from my sis’s blog (mrsdarling) ! I like your blogname!: ) Your island looks nice. I have a huge island in my kitchen and I love it, although mine isn’t an “eat-at” island. It is very functional. We made the butcher block table for ours and you reminded me I need to apply mineral oil also! : )

    Hi there. Glad to see you here.

  4. i came over from dishpan dribble , my sis. Your island is beautiful. I have an island and I love it.You cannot sit to ours but it is huge and the definite central point of the kitchen. We made the butcher block table for ours and you reminded me , I need to apply mineral oil , also! πŸ™‚

    Hi there. Glad to see you.

  5. Oh, it’s sooooooo pretty! I don’t have an island, but I want a GIANT kitchen cart instead. I have room in my kitchen, but I worry about it getting in the way, so I want a cart that I can move around as I please. I also want the butcher block top for rolling out biscuits and bread dough and such!

  6. Very nice. πŸ™‚ You should check into linseed oil for your top. That is what I put on the top of mine. It is recommended for butcher block tops. It hardens as it dries. I get mine from Catskill, I think. This reminds me that I need to order more.

    I will check into that. Thanks.

  7. How nice your new island looks!!! I would love an island….I would just be happy with a kitchen that was bigger than a walk in closet…..One where two can pass and not bump bums…..that would be nice….:-)

  8. I am so happy you finally have your island. It is wonderful! You are going to love it and you will soon wonder what you ever did without it!


  9. Looks beautiful.I wish my kitchen was big enough for one like that. Oh,well, maybe someday.I wish I had a kitchen like Paula Deens.

  10. We have an island I do love it. I only wish it were over about 3 inches toward the sink. Maybe out away from the range a few inches more. It is wonderful for baking since daddy put a receptacle in it for me.

    Your’s looks great! He did a good job!

    Where did you put your table?


    Table is behind the computer desk.

  11. Your new island is fantastic! My ‘island’ is actually a wonderful dropleaf table built by my Papa well over 70 years ago. We added large casters to raise the height and make it mobile. We sit at it on barstools to do everything! I love it.

  12. Your island looks great. Chef D did a great job putting it together for you. I have heard that Linseed oil is better for a food surface than mineral oil…but I can’t remember why…

    We do not have an island in the kitchen. We had a island/”bar” before we remodeled the kitchen but it was just in the way so we turned it against the wall and I like it much better.

  13. Looks great can’t wait to see it Wed.
    I have a “bar”, one day I told my granddaughter Jacy to
    sit at the bar and eat her lunch.
    She said”Grandma this is not a bar it is a HOME.”

  14. I love your island and am consumed with jealousy….LOL (not really) I would just love to have cabinets and countertops in my kitchen; an island would be over the top!!

  15. Your island looks great! We put a big island in our new kitchen and I love every inch of it! We can seat 5 at it and has a prep sink in it. Islands are the best! That is a good xmas gift to yourself!

  16. Congrats on your new island. The house we are looking at has one and I am looking forward to putting it to good use. It is not as pretty as yours nor is it a butcher block top. Hmmmm. Maybe we should pull the old one out and get one like yours! πŸ™‚

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