December 28

Air Conditioning.

I just couldn’t live without it. I couldn’t. I abhor being hot.

If you went back in time to 1850, what convenience item would you take with you?

There is no stinkin’ way that I would wear a corset without air conditioning. I’m a wimp.  That corset would pick me up, throw me in a car, drive me to the brink of sanity, and kick me over the edge without air conditioning.

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17 thoughts on “December 28”

  1. Amen girlfriend. I would have to have lived in the ice house; or the North Pole. But I sure would have been stylin’ and cute sitting on my chunk of ice with my pretty dress and corset. 😉

  2. Well since I would like to be Amish LOL, I would have to get special permission for my a/c. Heat makes me extremely sick with migraines and everything else. So yep, a/c would have to go with me. Although give me a hoop skirt, shirtwaist, corset, pantalones, crinolines and a snood anyday LOL. Yep I am a GWTW junkie and love the big skirts from that era.

  3. I am with you I can not stand to be hot so much so that even in the winter while I am sleeping I must have a fan going. My hubby hates it and tries to turn it off every chance that he gets but, I have fandar and turn it back on.

    But, yeah, I would have to say AC.

  4. Hmmm, tough question. I hate being hot also, but I figured if I lived during that time, I would be use to it. I would bring my camera or my toilet or my computer or ….. lots of things. LOL

  5. I wouldn’t wear a corset at all, air conditioning or not. I’d run away and live on the frontier where nobody was looking at me.

    Merry Christmas, CC! I’m so glad you have a new camera!

  6. No corset for me!! My acid reflux would kill me if I wore one of those things. I wonder how they all survived!!

    Air Conditioning would be my choice, too. I could handle almost anything/everything if I could do it in air conditioning!!

  7. I think I’ll stay right where I am, surrounded by modern conveniences and gadgets. I am definitely a 21st century woman!
    But, since I want to play with my friends….
    you & Bobbie bring the AC
    Applie can bring the internet
    I’ll bring some clean drinking water

  8. If I HAD to go to 1850, I would bring temperature control in all forms both heat and a/c. I don’t like being hot or cold. I could handwash the clothes if there was the right temperature of air blowin’ on me, kwim?

  9. hair dryer….

    BUT..Would you mind sharing with me where you got your Nikon D40x? I am looking for the best deal on a kit. I thought maybe you had already done the research. I get confused on what kit offers what…battery, lens, camera, bag, mem card////ahh

    I found it for $609 at BH, but no memory card…just lens, camera, and battery. How about you?

    I will have to ask the boy. He and my husband got it for me.

  10. I’m a modern girl like Sheri but going along with her…
    “But, since I want to play with my friends….
    you & Bobbie bring the AC
    Applie can bring the internet
    I’ll bring some clean drinking water…”
    I’ll bring along the electricity for all that plus the refrigerator that we’ll need to keep our food good. 🙂

  11. I can go without air conditioning. But I cannot go without an indoor toilet. I cannot imagine having to go to the bathroom in the dead of winter. NOPE, Ain’t doing it!

    That is why they had chamber pots.

  12. Hey Tanya…cndloven here from Titus2CHK, anyhoo I wanted to stop and tell you (for the Boy) that the Culinary Institute is having a contest that you can enter online for all sorts of cooking classes and such..

    I believe it is


    OH….thanks so much. I am going to check it out.

  13. me again…that link isn’t right..I keep seeing a commercial on tv about the contests, they have a bunch going right now and I think about all you have written about your boy when I see them, I will catch that link again..

    That would be great. Thanks.

  14. My body would adjust to not having air conditioning, but I could NOT live without Toilet Paper!!!! NO Magazine pages for me. LOL!

    I might like to take some antibiotics with me, too.

  15. I find it SOOOO funny that you’re writing about air conditioning on December 28. Must not be from the same part of the country as me!

    I’d probably bring with…a computer with internet. 🙂

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