December 27

I woke up early the other morning.

I had been dreaming that I went back to one of my childhood homes. (yes, that is plural. Being a preacher’s kid, I had lots of homes). I dreamed that I was back at the house that we built almost all by ourselves. I say ourselves, because I helped. Yes, at the tender age of 8, I helped build a house.

I held plumb line, and snapped it. I even hammered a nail or 2 or 200. So what if they weren’t necessarily in the house. I helped chizle mud off of cinder blocks when the basement wall fell in on my dad’s birthday.

I often wonder what that house looks like now and who is sleeping in my bedroom. Are they enjoying my wonderful walk-in closet? Do the kids whisper messages to each other through the vents? Do they laugh and play where I once did? Do they sit in the basement eating candy bars with their Grams when tornado warnings come? Do they run down the path’s that my sister and I created? Is Tarzan’s mountain still there. (Tarzan’s mountain was the pile of dirt that was created from digging out the basement. My sister and I were really into Tarzan. This pile of dirt had weeds growing from it in spots, and we created a fort/play spot from it. It was better than any playground I had ever been too.)

So, if you live on Flatfoot Road, in Cable, Ohio, in a 2 story English Tudor home on 9 acres of land, let me know if you love it as much as I did.

Did you live in the same home your entire childhood?

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  1. Nope, I lived in plenty of homes as a child and went to as many schools. That is great you helped build a house when you were so young. Every little bit helps.

    But, the home that I lived in when I lived with my Aunt and Uncle, well my Uncle still owns it and has paid off the mortgage and still lives there. According to my cousin Laurie, everything is still the same, carpet, walls and all.
    My favorite memory there was the basement. My cousin Scott and I made it our club house. My uncle let us fix it up down there well, one room of it it has many rooms. We had a couch and chair and a stero down there. We would go and listen to this is too funny. I loved the Monkees and he loved Poison. So, we would listen to that down there and we could blare it really loud and sing and dance and it would not bother anyone. He also got us a little fridge to put down there so that we could have drinks down there.

    My Aunt liked it because she would go sort the laundry and since we were already down there we got to do the laundry. that was the perk for her. Plus, she was a clean freak so, if we weren’t upstairs messing up she was as happy as she could be.

    I miss that place.

    That is in Toledo, on Ottawa Rd.

  2. We lived in a few different houses, but I spent most of my childhood in one. I still dream of that house from time to time. It isn’t far from here and I see it from time to time. One of the guys in my sister’s class now owns it.

  3. Up until age 8 I lived in 5 different places. Just after I moved to Alaska I began what would be my parents longest time in one home, 12 years. For me the house I’m living in with my family is the longest I’ve ever been in one place, over 16 years.

    I can’t really recall anything special about any of the houses other than that they were home and had that special feeling. The last house my parents had up here had wonderful woods around it but that has all been developed into subdivisions so my play areas and sledding hill are long gone.

  4. We lived in several different houses when I was growing up, but pretty much always in the same town of Coffeyville, KS. We also lived in South Coffeyville, OK which is just 1 mile south from Coffeyville across the state line. When I was born and brought home from the hospital, we lived right across the street from the man who would become my future husband. Cool, huh? We only lived there a short time before we moved out to the country in a community called Indian Village. I lived in that area till I was 29 and then the hubs and I and the family started making our moves around different areas which includes Warsaw, IN; Ankeny, IA; Kearney, MO; Florence, KY; Gaffney, SC; and now Latta, SC. Now, we’d love to get closer back to home in KS, but don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  5. We lived in too many different places to count. My dad was in the Air Force and he changed stations often. My Dh is also in the A.F. and we move often. The longest we have ever lived in one home was in Panama City, FL…we lived there for 4 years.

  6. I lived in the same house as a child we built on when I was 7. Before we built on it was a flat roofed basement house the roof was about 3 or 4 foot off the ground some times I got to ride my trike up there.
    Once I tried to get up on the roof by my self I climbed up the inside of the T.V. tower as I was afraid of heights.. I got STUCK!! I was a short fat little kid about 4 or 5 years old. My Mother still thinks that is SOOO FUNNY!!
    One day my Aunt, came to visit and I knew that Mom would want to show her the new upstairs.
    I raced up stairs to my room to hide the mess I cleaned it well every thing got pushed under the bed..My Mother opened our door to our room and apologized for our “mess”. The look on her face was priceless when she saw that it was very tidy!!..After she left My sister and I drug it all out from under our beds as we were not allowed to have anything under there..MOTHER got the shock of her life when she brought the ol Aunt back in the show her our fancy ceiling every thing was in the middle of the floor.. needless to say the look was priceless again..AS well as the Ol Aunt! lol

    That is so funny. Shame on you! giggle.

  7. Yes, lived in same house growing up, but sadly for my children, as a married women we have moved 11 times in 21 years. ugh. Hopefully only once more from a rental to a home of our own.

  8. From 5-25 I lived in the same house. After I got married we lived in 2 apts. and our mobile home (mobile home for 32 years). It is starting to fall apart just like it’s occupants. How was the fudge? Any left?

    Fudge is phenomenal! Yes, there is some left, we are savoring it.

  9. Obviously, no.

    I have lived in my present home the longest of anywhere I have lived. We will be here for 9 years in May.

    I remember Tarzan’s mountain. I have told the kids about it many times. I remember the time My cousin and I got so dirty from playing on it that we were stripped and hosed down outside before we could come in and get a bath. What memories!

  10. We lived in two homes. One was on the farm, it burned to the ground and then we moved back to the house in the city. The farm house had a cistern and no bath. The town in the city had running water and a bathroom. Yeah. I don’t have happy memories in the house but the farmhouse was different. We lived in the country surrounded by other farms. In the summer we slept outdoors on top of the stacked hay. We had adventure and we were out of the way. My mom died when we lived at the farmhouse but it still is my favorite place to live. I enjoyed your blog.

    I miss the country desperately.

  11. I have had several homes, in three different states. The most memorable being a home on Club View Drive in West LA, that my parents purchased when I was eight years old. At one time it had been occupied by Jean Harlow. A wonderful old house, two stories, with a huge backyard. There were many times when our two dogs would begin to bark for no reason, while looking up toward the ceiling – then they would run and hide. Don’t know if that qualifies as a “haunting,” but we were never left feeling scared by it. When I was 14 my parents divorced and the house was sold. I can remember every detail of every room, over 30 years later.

  12. I counted 22 homes, but I’m probably missing a few from my youngest days. I’m not sure which would be my favorite. I did like the home we lived in from 5th grade to 8th grade, but that is probably just a general fondness of that time in my life. I loved our Florida home….the first one DH & I actually owned. The house we rented in Germany was probably the coolest house b/c it was so different. We lived in an A-frame in North Dakota….I didn’t like it at all…it had bad juju and we moved in less than 6 months. I most certainly like our TN home even though it will take me forever & a day to redecorate, remodel, & bring it up to date!

  13. I have lived in 2 different countries, a handful of states and over a dozen cities. I miss a few of the homes from my childhood. Our house in Florida was beautiful. Our house in Germany was so cool, just because it was in Germany. I can name things from each place I have lived that I love. I still drive by my first childhood home in Andover whenever I head down that way. That will always be my favorite house though. I would love to build a home someday and take things from each house I have lived in, my favorites from each house and put them all together into my little dream home. However that is years down the road. I still feel the need to move about evey 4 years! Thanks to the military for that one! :O

  14. I don’t live in the same house but I do live in the same city and state. My first daughter was born at the same hospital I was. I live about 3 blocks from the house I spent my first year of life at and about 2 blocks from the house I spent the next 14 years and about 10 minutes from the house that I last lived at until I left for the Navy. It has since been sold when my parents divorced. I was only gone for a year with my tour in the Navy and then I came back. Although I don’t much care for the city I live in here, there isn’t much for the children and the bars outnumber the churches, it is nice being so close to my family so if I need something they aren’t far away. I’d really like to move to Irondiquoit (sp?) NY, we fell in love with it while on vacation to Rochester. I also like Savannah Georgia and Atlanta (Take me home to Tara!!! LOL) or even Germany or Ireland.

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