December 26

Got up this morning with the very intention of reading the manual for my camera.

Something stopped me.

This bag is full, as you can see, of chocolate. But it was the canister of Cashew Roca that stopped. me. dead. I had to have a piece. Which would be fine, unless your loving daughter hadn’t wrapped each and every piece individually with tissue paper.

Out came the scissors, tissue paper be gone! Nothing stops me when it comes to chocolate.

As you can well imagine, I took lots of pictures yesterday. 90% of them did not turn out. I really need to read that manual.

I did manage to get pictures of everyone.

The boy, happy that I loved my camera.

The girl, happy with her booty in the chair.

Superman, happy that he had a day off work, and that I finally bought him a robe.

Me happy that I had time to put on makeup.

Then off to the parents house we went.

Mom, you might want to close your eyes now, or close the browser, or just decide to forgive me now. I have heard that it is easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission.

So, I am begging forgiveness.

I love this picture of my parents. Ma wanted me to crop it, but I just couldn’t. Forgive me.

I just couldn’t crop out my dad’s hand on her knee. That loving gesture deserves to be captured.

Secondly, and much less important is that if I had cropped the picture where ma had wanted it cropped, we would only see my dad from his nose up.

When I think of my parents, this is what I see.

Hi Grams. I love you.

My parents got me a tripod. I was so excited that I just had to try it out. Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of fixing Christmas dinner, I set it up. Right. In. The. Way.

Again, please forgive.

Ma made pork roast.

It tasted better than it looks.  I will do a recipe tutorial on it later, for now, I have a can of Cashew Roca,  wrapped in tissue paper that needs some attention.

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10 thoughts on “December 26”

  1. Good pictures. Even without the manual. You certainly looked pretty. I’m sure the boy was happy with you being happy with his purchase. He is a great kid.(in case you didn’t know that) See you at your Mom’s,With fudge.

  2. Those pictures are wonderful!!I love the one of your Mom and Dad.

    Which lens did your camera come with…? The 55 or 135?

    Your Grandma’s blue eyes are lovely!! The chips look happy…..Enjoy your chocolate…:-)

    Hi Ginger, it came with a 18-135mm lens.

  3. You look purty!! When you said the girl with her booty in the chair I kept thinking but she’s on the floor. 🙂 Yup, that’s how my mind works – sorry.
    Tell Ma she looks fine – her shirt wasn’t clinging to anything so no need to crop. Too cute with Dad’s hand on her knee.

  4. Guess what I did Christmas Morning!!
    I broke a tooth on guess what… CHOCOLATE!!

    Your pictures are beautiful as always. Miss you

    Ack! I am so sorry. That mean old chocolate. Miss you too. When will I see you next?

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