December 21

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house,

Every creature was stirring,

Including the mouse.

The stockings all hung,

Above the heater vent with care,

In hopes that stuffers had not been forgotten this year.

Do you do stocking stuffers?  Do you wrap your stocking stuffers?  Do you fill it to the brim or do you put in a lump of coal?

Do you wrap your presents frilly-fru-fru, do you slap a bow on it and call it good, or do you put all your gifts in gift bags? Do you use expensive paper, or do you go to the Dollar Store?

Please share your stocking stuffer ideas too.

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15 thoughts on “December 21”

  1. I’m of the less-is-more variety. No wrapping of stocking stuffers. No actual stuffing of stockings, more like, toss some items in so you know there’s something in there. Gift bags were sent from heaven, I’m convinced of this; so were gift boxes. I wrap only if I absolutely must. Bows are a waste of time, they never stay on and I get the weirdest looks from folks when I tried to make them stay on with Duct Tape. (not sure why – it was RED Duct Tape – that’s festive, isn’t it?).

  2. Yes, we do stockings. I stuff them full. I might wrap one little present in there. For the packages, I wrap them in Christmas paper and slap a bow on. I would wrap in fancy bows and ribbons, but it becomes costly. I would rather spend the money on the actual gift.

    Your stockings are lovely. 🙂

  3. Yep, we do stockings 🙂 . After I wrap all the gifts, I look to see which ones are small enough to fit in the stockings…so the stocking stuffers are wrap too. I put a lot of candy in the bottom and the rest in the top, so it does look to be stuffed…lol 😀

  4. As a kid, we never had Christmas stockings. We did have little presants that we opened one a day a few days before Christmas eve when we opened everything.
    My favorite was nail clippers!

  5. Regarding wrappings, I do all of the above, except the dollar store. What I do just depends on the gift. I like bags quite a bit. My gifts to people go in around 30% bags and 70% boxed and wrapped. I usually wrap gifts for children instead of using bags because they like to tear gifts open.

    We used to do stockings, but haven’t in at least a decade or more. I don’t even know where they are, somewhere in the attic. I can’t remember what they looked like. I think two are homemade.

    Your stockings look very nice and pretty. 🙂

  6. We do stocking stuffers, they’re not expensive ones just little things that can be picked up at various stores. I usually try to make sure that everyone gets a new tooth brush or two. Sometimes there are practicle items and sometimes there are fun items. The guys usually get pistasios (no idea how to spell that and I’m too tired to look it up – LAZY) and the girls get chocolate. 😆

    Sometimes the stocking stuffers get wrapped but not always. Frequently someone will find a movie or 2 in their stocking, maybe a book or magazine. Tools have been known to show up – screw drivers, sockets, tape measures, etc.

    Most of the gifts under the tree are wrapped. I have a few that are in my special boxes and are from my hubby <3!! Usually there are one or two in bags but they’re from other people. We love tearing off the paper plus gift bags make it too easy to sneek a peek.

  7. Last year I bought fancy paper from World Market in January – for 75% off! I like doing it that way. We stuff stockings – pretty full but not busting the seams. I try not to over-do the candy since it always seems to go to waste.

  8. Yep, I stuff stockings with all sorts of little things. I am not exactly full of ideas this year. This year, they need BBs, which are quite heavy, actually….so I’ll have to put the stocking on the floor by the tree on Christmas Eve. Some stuffers are wrapped, some not. There is usually some variety of chocolate in there as well.

    Gifts are wrapped and bowed. I even make some of my own bows and bought a bunch of ribbon for 50% off at Michaels the other night. 😀

  9. I like to wrap and use lots of tape and bows. I also like bags for people I don’t have to hide stuff from. We do stocking stuffing (I should say “I” do) I never seem to find anything in mine. Boo Hoo.

    Your frozen fudge is, well, frozen. Waiting on the opportunity to make it to your house. Love you.

    I remedy that problem by getting stuff for my own stocking.

  10. LOVE your blog – just found it last night! Of course Mom (me) is the stocking stuffer. Usually don’t get one myself unless I ask hubby in advance. I wrap most stocking gifts – usually silly, whimsical things. Always chocolate coins and little chocolate Santas in there too.

    Hi there, glad your here.

  11. We have done stockings for the past 4 years or so. A month or two before christmas I buy something inexpensive for the stockings everytime I do groceries. I think the most expensive thing in the boys’ stockings is about $5.

    I wrap and use gift bags, depending on what I have and who the gift is for. My kids’ presents are wrapped. My SIL’s present is always wrapped with extra ribbon and care. She is a detail person and appreciates that. My MIL couldn’t care less and her present is usually in a gift bag. 🙂

    Everyone in my house gets a stocking – except me. Since I am the stocking stuffer person it just doesn’t happen for me. What do you all think? Should I hint for one?

    Sumi, I used to not get stocking stuffers. Then I got smart and gave everyone some $$ to get me stocking stuffers. Turns out, they were feeling badly that they couldn’t get me any stuffers, and I was feeling left out. Problem solved.

  12. No stockings here, but when my mom did stockings, she didn’t wrap the stuff in them. And we ALWAYS each got a can of black olives in our stockings, because my brother and I could eat a can each by ourselves and Mom wanted to make sure there were olives leftover for the rest of the family, lol. So instead of oranges and apples (what many people stuff in the bottom of stockings), we got canned black olives and it was our favorite part of Christmas, hehe. I already gave you my stocking stuffer idea for the year. If you want more ideas, you’ll have to visit me next holiday season and we’ll see what I’ve come up with for ya!

  13. CC, I’m with you. I stuff my stocking as well as everyone else’s. When hubby is here he’ll help the kids find stuffers for me and when he’s not I give the kids $$ for each person in the family except themselves (so they each get to buy for 3) and then each person gets to put something in the other’s stockings.

    That reminds me that I need to get the guys their nuts.

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