December 19

Conversations with the boy.

Monday morning. First day of Christmas holiday.

Boy~”I’m bored.”

CC~~”Bored? What time is it?”

Boy~”6:50 am”

Now, the boy is 17½ years old.   Doesn’t he know what I have, had, may, might, must, can, will, should, could,  would do?

They’re not called helping verbs for nothin!

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11 thoughts on “December 19”

  1. Send him to my house!!!
    I have plenty that he could do.
    And most of it involves baking / candy making.
    I will be sending my broom for him. Have him ready in an hour. I am making a special exception allowing a male to travel broomaire, but I’m desperate!!!

    I am shocked….gobsmacked that you would allow a male on Broomair. You MUST be desperate.

  2. I’m not even letting my brood get to the bored point. After a truely crazy month so far, it time to clean this house! Wish us luck!

  3. Oh CC, send him my way, I also have lots of stuff that needs done that could use an older young man, Noah tries but he is not quite old enough at 10.

    Honestly though he should know better.

  4. Oh my goodness…No he didn’t!!!!

    Maybe Charlie and Robbie need to pull him aside….I know you have to be as bad as Randy when it comes to giving perspective on boredom and having fun….FIELD DAY!!!!!!!
    Poor, poor chip…..I feel his pain…..Momma.

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