December 18

We finally put up our tree.

I don’t know how it goes in your house, but in the Chocolatechic house, it goes something like this.

First you must survey the room and figure out where in the world are you going to cram a tree into such a small space. Do you see that yet another gold box has appeared in my pile. One sounds like there is a pair of socks in it, and the other one a box of screws.

It is decided that Superman must dismantle his recliner. Superman doesn’t seem to mind…the boy however, isn’t happy. I think that he really likes Superman’s chair, or maybe it is because we are not putting the recliner in his room.

Send them off to go pick out the tree. While they are gone, you can begin to prepare snacks, or you can sit down and check your email, blog stats and play Bejeweled. Not that I would do that sort of thing, I’m just sayin’.

About an hour later, they come home with a tree that might fit in the White House, but is 10 times to big for your house. You tell them this, but they do not listen. While the men are finally realizing that I was right that the tree is way to big, I begin in earnest to make the snacks.

It is at this point where we deviated from the norm.

A man from church who had just got his very first deer, a 10 point buck, decided to bless us with all 4 legs. He butchered it himself, and gifted us the entire legs.

So, snacks were put on hold while I became elbow deep in venison.

This hunk’o’meat weighed a good 35 pounds. I have never chopped meat like this before. My meat comes nicely packaged on a styrofoam tray and wrapped in shrink wrap. Right around this time, I really began to appreciate my butcher, and began to wonder how Ma Ingalls did it. I just know that her knife had to have been sharper than mine.

Finally, after about an hour and a half I declared myself done, washed my hands, the counter, the walls, and the floor, wiped the sweat from my brow, and went back to making the goodies.

I was ready for them after wrestling raw meat for 90 minutes.

While the chips and I snarfed goodies, Superman checked to see if the lights were all working.

Then the wrapping of the tree begins.

Once the tree has been lit, and the gold beads applied, it is time to decorate.

We do not put a star or a Santa for the tree topper,

we have a frog angel. This is my most cherished ornament. The boy made this for me when he was 5. I can just imagine his chubby 5 year old fingers picking out green for the face of an angel.

What you can not see is that underneath this beautiful angels dress he drew chicken legs in red. Frog angel will always top our tree. Always and forever.

My second favorite ornament, ~~which was my first favorite ornament till Frog angel came along~~ is this wonderful picture of the boy when he was 3. He made me many ornaments when he was little, but these 2 are the ones that I would grab if the house were to catch fire.

We are party animals here, peoples, rabble rousers, the ones that people stand in their house and shake their fists in the air at because we are just. to. loud.

Isn’t it lovely? and large?
What time do you think the last picture of the girl was taken.

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22 thoughts on “December 18”

  1. Maybe around 6:00 P.M.?

    I almost cried when I read what you wrote about the frog angel, but laughed about the chicken legs!

    When they went to get the tree, I could almost feel their excitement. I remember being so excited when your grandpa would go get the tree and when you girls would be so excited about getting the tree.

    Your tree is about the size of tree we would ALWAYS get when we lived on Beverly. It would fill the whole corner of the living room…do you remember that?

    Your snacks looked pretty and yummy!

    Did you cut your venison in chunks for roasts or did grind it?

    At first I chopped it into pretty roasts. Then it began to take way to long, so the last leg, I just hacked away at it. I was wanting to grind some up, but wrestling those legs into submission made me not want to go dig out my grinder.

  2. I was thinking about 7pm is when she fell asleep. I love how she’s smiling in the picture at you while decorating. She’s a born model, I tell ya!

    Your tree is pretty. I need to take a pic of ours.

  3. We actually put on the lights from top to bottom instead of round and round. I don’t know if it works any better, but it sure is easier! Only one trip around the tree.

    We don’t have a tree up this year since we’re heading to AR. In fact, I’ve been trying and trying to cancel Christmas. Sigh.

  4. What kind of tree do you get in your area? Down here in NC they mostly sell Frasier Firs because they are grown up in our mountains. My DH says in IL his family always had Scotch Pines and the branches sagged when you put the ornaments on. My family always had a fake tree…yuck.

    Your daughter and mine should get together and form the Always Freezing Robe Wearers Club. πŸ™‚

    You know I have no idea what breed of tree that is, but I always insist on the long needled tree. They are TONS less prickly.

    I generally wear my pink robe around all day too.

  5. Free venison! That is truly a blessing! πŸ™‚ I like that snowy picture of your car with the tree on top.

    CC your tree looks lovely especially those precious homemade ornaments.

    The time? 10:00?

  6. If she’s anything like me, 6:30.

    It is a lovely tree. We have a fake one. My poor children have been deprived, having never known a real tree. However, after our first year of marriage, when my DH left the real tree up until March 1st, I have decided that it is just better all the way around to have a fake one.

  7. I remember Dean in that outfit. It is hard to realize that he is as old as he is. Sometimes I can remember the feel of him in my arms when I would pick him up and he would wrap his arms around my neck. (wiping bitter sweet tears from my eyes) Where has the time gone???

    Loved those sweet little arms around the neck. Time? Time is a fleeting fancy. It is gone!

  8. Your tree is big & beautiful, CC, and you’ve taken some really great photos of sweet family memories in the making. Superman indeed looks happy as he prepares for the family Christmas tree.

    I must ask, “what is the growing collection of pink cans on your kitchen counter?”

    The pink cans are 3 year old soda cans. Once they are empty, put 2 pennies in them, tape them up, line your counter tops with them to scare the woobies out of naughty cats when they try to get on the counters.

  9. Lovely tree! We use gold beads too. We got our tree up on Sunday. I have been lazy and haven’t posted pics yet – check back soon though.

    Lucky score on the venison too! My husband wasn’t able to get out hunting this year, so no venison for us.

    What are the pretzels sticks sticking into? Meatballs?
    I never thought to make snack while putting up our tree – next year!

    I just sliced Polska Kielbasa into rounds, browned them, drained them and squirted on some bbq sauce.

  10. I love your tree πŸ™‚ Its beautiful! It looks like everyone was happy. You must have tired the poor girl out with all your excitement! Was it 4:30?

    That is wonderful about the venison πŸ™‚

  11. Our tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving. It is Fake. Jarrod is allergic to the real ones. I know how you feel about the decorations. We always have yummy snacks too, when we decorate. I use any occasion to snack!!!. I was going to say 6:30 ish about sleeping beauty. I too remember Dean at that age. He has always been a looker.

  12. Venison – great score and healthy to boot. Hubby hasn’t been able to get out to where the moose are to get us some meat for the freezer. He’d love to be able to drive up to the slope during hunting season and then hunt on the way home.

    Ornaments – my kids never made any for our tree. 😦 But I do love yours.

    We have a fake tree, buying one is expensive or at least more than I am willing to pay and to cut one down….well most of you probably haven’t seen native Alaskan Christmas trees.

  13. Your tree is beautiful! πŸ˜€

    Praise the Lord for the deer meat. You are one brave woman to do all the preparing yourself. I don’t think I could have hacked it.

    πŸ˜† Get it? Hacked?

    Okay, anywho, your snackie things look tasty. Hugs, Robin



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