December 14

The other day, Superman recaulked our bath tub, and whilst I was on my knees scrubbing it clean, I wondered… what do ‘they’ use to clean their tubs with.

So…what do you use? Do you have a particular product that you just won’t do without? Do you get on your old decrepit knees and pray that you can get back up again or do you use a mop? Do you scrub it every day? Every week? twice a month? once a month? ever? make your slaves children/husband do it? Hire it out?

And please tell me how you get your shower liner clean. I am sick of scrubbing mine. I tried washing mine in the machine, and it came out in shreds.

Inquiring mind wants to know. Inquiring minds need to know.

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  1. Well, I scrub mine when it looks like it needs it. Unfortunately, I am not on a schedule. I just spray the whole thing with vinegar and then I put some baking soda on a sponge and go for it. As for the shower curtain, I use a cloth one. It doesn’t need a liner. I wash it in the machine with just a dab of bleach and a couple of towels and it lasts for years.

  2. I use Soft Scrub Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser.
    It works great!

    I usually get in the tub/shower and clean it from top to bottom. It takes too long for me to get up when I’m down for any length of time, so I try to avoid kneeling (except when I pray at church)

    My children are supposed to clean the main bath. Somehow it doesn’t always get done.

    I have considered hiring someone to come once a week or once every two weeks to help out with the housekeeping. And I think I can honestly justify the need, but the funds just aren’t there.

    However, right now my son and daughter both have some money to work off. Soooo…… maybe I can get my house really clean this week 🙂 (yeah right!)

  3. I use a spray-on cleaner; there are several different brands that work pretty well. I think my favorite is Comet; it smells like oranges!

    I clean the tub/shower/surround once a week. Spray it down, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a “scrubbie on a stick” thingy. How’s that for technical? I can’t remember the name of it; it’s a triangular shaped scrub pad that attaches to a stick or wand thing. I have fibromyalgia and I can’t get on my knees without a lot of pain.

    Shower curtain: I use a fabric liner with a weighted strip at the bottom that keeps it from flapping around. I get them at Lowes. This gets washed whenever it starts looking or smelling icky. I wash it in hot water with lots of detergent and bleach and let it soak for a while…this is NOT recommended on the care tag, but so what. 🙂 It may wear out faster this way; I’ll buy another one. 🙂

    My kids can’t have a cloth curtain liner in their bathroom because their shower is narrow. When the cloth liner gets wet it touches the outer curtain and wicks the water right down to the floor! So, we use a heavy plastic liner in there. It gets scrubbed with bathroom cleaner, and when it gets too grungy it goes in the washer, too. When it starts tearing we throw it out and buy a new one.

  4. I spary mine with a spray on cleaner every time I get out. You will never have to scrub again.

    I throw my curtain and liner in the wash machine. They always turn out like new. I wonder if your liner is getting too old maybe.

  5. I use Tilex for cleaning the tub.

    As for the shower liner, I get the $1 white ones at the Dollar Store, and throw them away frequently. LOL! 🙂 I use Tilex on them, too.

  6. Are you supposed to clean the liners??? I though you just threw the plastic ones away and got another one??? Afterall they are only $2.50 at Stuff-Mart! LOL

    I’ve tried throwing them in the washer, but I never see an improvement in the gunk on them.

    As far as the shower goes… well… I use some really cheat stuff from the Dollar Store – The Works??? I think??? It cleans the tile pretty well… but a word of warning – MUST HAVE VENTILATION!!!!

  7. I clean the tub. We have a jetted one that must be bleached every month. As for the shower curtain I just toss it and pick up another one at the dollar store. 🙂

  8. I have a new favorite bathroom cleaner – KABOOM! – it works great at getting rid of the rust and calcium deposits from my hard well water.

    I need to clean my liner, it’s the plastic kind. I’ll probably throw it in the washer w/some towels and such along with some bleach and Borax. That should take care of it. The think I hate about cleaning the liner is the taking down and hanging up. The things I do for my family.

  9. I am like Elaine, I hate taking the shower curtain down and hanging it up again… such a pain. But I do wash it in the washer and put it back up. If it’s really icky I just throw it away and get another one and Walmart. I actually have to have 2 because one isn’t big enough to go all the way around. 2 sides of the tub are open. As for the rest of it I spray it down let it sit for 5 minutes and scrub with a long handled scrubby thing about once a week.

  10. You mean turning the water on and taking a shower doesn’t count as cleaning it? Drat. I knew I was forgetting something!!

    I kid, I kid (sorta). I don’t clean my shower often enough so when I do I it takes longer than it should. I am going to try out some of the suggestions I found here. Thanks for this post.

    (by the way, hi! I am new here and I love your blog).

    Welcome. Glad you are here.

  11. CC, could you find out if anyone has a shower that has the little nubbins on the floor of the shower so you won’t slip and if they do what they use? I clean and clean and it always looks dirty! I wonder if the kaboom would work on that?

    Sure. Can anyone help my mother?

  12. Well, I have the strips that go across the tub, not length wise, that are part of the tub not the type that you stick on. Mind were looking pretty dirty a while back before a found the Kaboom. After using that they look cleaner, not as in brand new but as in not as bad as before. I’m sorry that I didn’t take before and after pictures when I first tried the Kaboom. I’m sold on the stuff now.

  13. Your mother is beyond help! I have glass shower doors and I hate them. I spray them with The Works. I use it on the tub and the surround too. We have so much rust in our water. If I let it go too long I just pretend I have a bronze shower wall. I do however have a shower curtain for privacy sake. It hardly ever gets dirty.

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