December 13

I finally did it.

I finally decorated for Christmas. You know how I decorated for fall. Well, for Christmas I go all out, peoples. All. out.

Lights and garland went on the banister.

For the table, I chose a simple wrought iron tree and 2 wooden gingerbread men.

Even the antiques get gussied up for Christmas.

The nativity scene, complete with my box. Another box has appeared since I snapped this photo, and since I am rather OCD about things being crooked, I fixed that bow.

Last, but certainty not least, my 2 snowmen and 2 houses. Yes, folks, this is the sum total of my Christmas decorations. I told you I go all out.

Please tell me you do a much better job at decorating…please.

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32 thoughts on “December 13”

  1. Looks good! – where is your tree?

    You can see some of my decorations here:

    We just moved to this house this summer and I need a lot more decorations here then our old house as it is much larger.

    Still have a lot to decorate – planning to put red bows at the corners of each doorway – also will get our live tree this Sunday. More pics to come once all is done.

    I have a friend that even decorates at Easter URGH!

    We will put up our tree on Saturday.

  2. Love your railing decorations. I have a lot of garland from previous homes with railings that I don’t use much in this house. I really like the wrought iron tree.

    I’ll post my pictures in my blog soon. It isn’t better, but yes, it is a wee bit more….I love Christmas decorations, and fall decorations, and Easter decorations….and…and…. yes, even Fourth of July and Valentines decorations.

  3. Looks very nice and homey-cozy. I’m glad you finally decorated. I did some this morning. I will finish up this evening – after my daily run to wally world.

    My dearest sweet sister, please, please, please take some time to rest. I love you so much!

  4. Simplistic can be tasteful. I like what you did. My house looks like an elf threw up in it. There are lights everywhere, tacky lights.

  5. My dear sweet, concerned sister. Trust me, I AM! My body won’t let me do anything else this evening.
    Well, okay, except the Christmas decorating. But I’m saving the cookie baking til tomorrow morning.

    I was actually lazy enough to pick up micro meals whilst I was at my daily trip to wally world. (actually, I’ve been to Walmart 3 times today!)
    and Joel helped me make those.

  6. You make me laugh like no other blogger. You are just so honest. I think you really dont give yourself enough credit. You know enough about decorating that you know that your house may be underdecorated for some (although the stair rail is indeed a beauty). That is because you have decorating sense. So many people have no idea how their decorating sense looks to other people. You are just hilarious!

  7. Looks very nice. You have seen my decorating. My house looks like a Christmas store. I have decorations from the last forty years. Things from my mom and from Uncle Jim’s mom(when she passed away.)Might be a little much for some, but we love it. It is like a trip down memory lane every year. I put a decoration on my tree made by my sweet neice Tanya back in 1982. Remember that? I have a decoration on my tree that Jason made in Sunday school when he was four. That would be thirty years. My ,my, where does the time go?

    Was it a ceramic one that I painted?

  8. Personally I think it is lovely. I like to keep it simple myself. My husband prefers to have something Everywhere….ugh!! So… we have a deal, he does the outside and I do the inside. Works great.

  9. I know people who start decorating in September to be done by December! Those are people I refer to a “those crazy people who start decorating for Christmas in September.” While their houses are gorgeous, they also look like a museum and you must not have fun there.
    I put up a tree, nativity scene, and some other stuff. It doesn’t take me long to decorate and with my small house I just can’t stand the extra clutter. I usually take down my tree on the 26th. However, I leave my nativity up through New Years. Merry Christmas.

  10. Hey, you did some decorating! Whatever works for you and makes you happy. I love the quote at the top of your blog. Have a happy holiday.

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