December 12

I am in a deep state of mourning.

Why you ask? Why would I  be bereft, saddened, moaning, sobbing and ripping at my clothes?


This most wondrous product from Bath and Body no longer exists. My ma got this for me about 3 or 4 years ago, and I instantly fell in love.  I use this stuff twice a week in the wintertime. Not only does this smell heavenly, which in turn makes me smell heavenly, it scrubs and buffs and lotions my dry winter skin all in one…well, 2. It also has this sparkley stuff in it that makes me sparkle.  And I like things that sparkle almost as much as chocolate.   Unless we are talking 1 carat sparkleys and then  chocolate definitely takes a back seat!

My bottle on the left is completely empty. My bottle on the right has about 2 more uses. I need replacement ideas ladies, or in the middle of January, I will begin to look like an alligator. It won’t be pretty folks. It will be downright disastrous.

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  1. Try checking on Ebay. My Mother-in-law loved Bath and Body Works Limelight lotion. Unfortunatly they stopped making it. So she looked on Ebay and was able to find people selling it. Now she has a stockpile. Hope this helps, it’s such a bummer when you find something you love and they stop making it.

    Great idea. I didn’t think of that.

  2. It is a bummer when you grow fond of something and they just up and abandon you. Clinique did that with my favorite lipstick.

    Unfortunately, I’m not much help. I like the Satin Hands kit from Mary Kay, but I don’t know about using that for all over.

  3. That is awful when companies do that. Especially if it was a good seller. I just don’t understand.

    I hope that you are able to find more of this product or find something else that works as well. Winter can be so hard on our skin, trust me I know as I have that trouble with mine.

  4. E-bay is all I can think of. I used to love Estee Lauder’s “Cinnabar”” They stopped making it years ago. I am still upset. Peanut butter fudge on the way Saturday.

    I am so excited.

  5. Mmmm, I love chocolate too! I popped over from Pioneer Woman one day and have been back whenever I see your name in the comments. Sorry that I’ve never introduced myself ’til now but your need for some good “me” products caught my eye.
    Check out the products at and look at their Body Satin line. I buy my personal care and cleaning products from them every month, and for people I help become Preferred Customers I earn a small commission. If you are interested in more information, please email me. If you become a Preferred Customer, you too can refer people to them and earn a small commission. I only have one referred customer right now but my commission buys me lunch out each month when it comes–a luxury I would not take otherwise.
    Stay warm and sparkly!

  6. They keep discontinuing my favorite fragrances too. Hmpppf.

    There’s this one on Ebay:

    I couldn’t find one with just the body scrub on its own but this one has the body scrub plus other items:

    I would buy it for you if I wasn’t so broke. (((HUG)))

    Oh…Sumi, you are such a sweetheart. Has your hubbies hours improved any?


    I use this in-shower moisturizer and I love it. You can find it at walmart and just about all drugstores. I also use the Quench body lotion. It’s not real heavy, smells great and even has a touch of ‘sparkly’ in it for ya.
    I hope you find something soon.
    I ran into a problem like this with a frequent wash shampoo from The Body Shop a few years ago. I still haven’t found anything that compares to that shampoo. I truly miss that stuff.

    You know…I looked at that the other day.

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