December 11

I learned something new. I am so excited. It really doesn’t take much to excite me. Truly. As I have said before, I am easy!

Last week, I looked out the window and saw this reverse sunrise. Isn’t it glorious?

I got a book from the library to help show me how to use my Photoshop better, so I did this.

Isn’t it great? I know…I know. You are totally speechless, dumbfounded, gobsmacked that I could do something so amazing as to put a fuzzy circle around my picture. Please, no fan mail. I don’t think my letter carrier could handle anymore. He already visits the Chiropractor 3 days a week.

I rarely, rarely, rarely purchase books. If I can borrow them from the library for free, why go purchase a book? This book, however, I think is going to be a necessary purchase.

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12 thoughts on “December 11”

  1. What??? No tutorial on HOW you did such an awesome, truly amazing feat??? That is so cool! I love it. It looks like a Christmas card!

  2. Very nice! How did you do such an awesome, truly amazing, feat? I am just asking to make you feel like you have something important to tell. I don’t have photoshop, so it doesn’t matter to me how you did it. LOL Great job, though!

  3. Will you share the name of the book? I know just enough to be dangerous and the books I’ve tried to use only confuse me more! lol

    The book is called The Photoshop Elements 5 Book

  4. Some day I aspire to using Photoshop. Until then I will be dazzled by all y’all who know how to use it. Very cool picture!

  5. Ok, now I know what book to get to help me. I’ve been trying to do interesting things like that w/my PhotoShop but can’t figure out how, I’m not fond on the helps that come with these programs and I prefer to have it written right in front of me rather than having to go back and forth between screens.

    Both pictures are just great, CC. Good job šŸ˜€

    Elaine, get a book from your library for your specific Photoshop program. They are by Scott Kelby. He is ‘the man’ to read on this topic.

  6. Both pictures are pretty. (I am in awe of the photoshop one) The pine tree with the snow. Makes me think of home in July.

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