December 8

The other day after it snowed, me being the loving mother that I am, I said to the boy. “Go shovel the snow.”

Because I am all about quality, I made sure that the hole in his boots was properly taped shut. Not with duck tape, but with Gorilla tape.  Gorilla tape is much better.  I told you, I am all about quality!

He looked so cute, and I begged and begged him to let me photograph him.

He was having none of it.

Finally, after all my begging and pleading, haranguing and ordering, he finally succumbed. Isn’t he so cute? Isn’t that hat adorable?

Who needs a snowblower? I have got something even better.

He not only makes a wider path,

he also gets all the way down to the sidewalk itself and  salts what he has shoveled. No snowblower I have ever seen does that.

I also have never seen a snowblower look that cute.

Which kind of snow blower do you have? manual or gas?

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20 thoughts on “December 8”

  1. No SNOW, No SNOWblower…….waaaaaaaa. *crying*

    That pic of him with the shovel over his face just cracked me up for some reason. 🙂

    Poor Dean, it looks like he had to shovel while it was still snowing. Does that kind of defeat the purpose?

    He’s such a good boy and love the hat. I got my nephew a “beanie” like that for Christmas only it’s all different colors.

  2. We have a gas snow blower and now we just need a ton of SNOW!!

    Love those boots!! Did the feet stay dry??

    Absolutely. They were taped up really well.

  3. We do get snow….well we did, with this global warming thing I’m beginning to wonder…

    When the snow does come I’ve got 2 manual pushers/throwers (they need lots of incentives though and if I kick them someone may see me), 1 gas blower that hubby needs to make work again, and 1 gas plow that likes to get stuck when it keep running.

    Each one of them gives me trouble so I thank God regularly for my nice warm garage that keep my rig warm, dry and ice free. I thank Him for a hubby who keeps said vehicle running and makes sure I have 4-wheele drive so that when the snow removal servants at our house won’t work I can still escape. 😆

  4. Your son is such a good sport. Love the pic with the shovel.

    We have 3 little boys and one fight over who gets to shovel. Then lots of snow fighting and generally a messy driveway. Atleast they have fun. For real honest to goodness shoveling Daddy does it. 🙂

  5. We have no snow blower, we have no snow. I live in Hell. I am surprised it doesn’t rain brimstone here…oh wait, of course it doesn’t, that would actually require rain!!! (I don’t do heat very well, can you tell?!)

    I like your snow blower, it’s a great model and cute as a button too. My Dh has a simillar kind of hat. Next winter I’ll have to post pics of it. Looks like he did a great job. I hope he had a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate waiting for him.

  6. If God intended for the snow to be removed from the sidewalks he wouldn’t let it fall there. It is too pretty too be moved.

  7. OMG!! SOOOOO much snow!! How long does it stay like that? Does it melt and come back? Does it just stay that way all winter? I just don’t think I could function in those surroundings!!! You poor dear… you have my sympathies!

    But I must say – cute snowblower! LOL

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