December 2

First off, I must wish my sister a Happy Anniversary. My sister and her husband have been married 17 years.

This year our church has begun AWANA. I am one of the leaders in the 3rd and 4th grade girls. I like AWANA for very selfish reasons. There are no lessons to prepare, no planning involved, you just go and listen. I can do that. I am lazy, and this…this is just up my alley. I get to listen to little girls recite verses, tell me about their day, and they think I am great. It is a win-win all around! I love it!

These girls are a blast. So cute, so fun, so fresh and giggly, and sweet, and just a joy to be around. Only 2 of the 7 girls in our class are churched, so to see their passion for learning scripture, gets me. Right. In. The. Heart.

One of the girls made a paper for me last week.

Right. In. The. Heart. peoples, right in the heart.

Does your church do AWANA, or something similar?

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  1. Katie goes to Awana every Wednesday night.
    It’s a blessing….well….except for the fact that a little teeny girl said she would punch Katie in the mouth.
    But other than that…great :o)

  2. Happy Anniversary to your Sis, too!

    The boys did AWANA when we lived in northern VA and enjoyed it very much. Now, we use the similar King’s Kids program and we use a different teaching. The last couple of years I taught the 2nd and 3rd graders. I love this age. Now The Hubs and I are teaching the 6th graders. Totally different!

  3. We used to have Missionettes but it has been put on hold for a year. Anyway, I know what you mean about the heart. I teach 1st and 2nd gradres in Sunday School. One said to me not too long ago: “Teacher, when I prayed last night, I heard Jesus in my mind and in my heart for the first time.” I nearly had a melt down. It was after his mom delivered his stillborn sister. 😥

  4. We do not have Awawa. I know of several churches that do. Out in California,my grandaughter goes. It is the only church contact she has. She shares things with Jason and Miranda. You know what they say,”out of the mouths of babes”.

  5. We don’t do Awanas at our church. We do have a kids program on Wednesday nights but I’m not involved. I do teach Sunday School for the pre-school age and Kindergarteners. What a blessing these kids are. Their prayer requests put me to shame everytime. And the love they have for others…..Yep – right in the heart.

  6. 2 of the kids go to Awana’s…the other 2 are too old and they don’t have the teen program so they attend youth group. It has been really good for all of them.

    Happy Anniversary to your sister!

  7. Anniversary blessings to your sister.
    My kids are excessively “churched”. Going to a catholic school, everything they do has a church flavour. They pray five times a day. They go to Mass two or three times a week, (depending on what grades have reconcilliation) but they don’t do anything outside of school and church. There is no Awana here. (in this particular town, we do have it in Australia) We participate in feast days and other church organised programs, so I probably wouldn’t put them in any program, I think it would be over kill.

    Can I swap my attitudinal pre-teen for one of those lovely little girls? We’re having one of those mornings. grrr.

  8. Thank you for the anniversary wishes! I am excited to report that we have been married for 17 years.

    I would love to say that it was a great anniversary for us, but Tim had to work until 6:00 a.m. – couldn’t go to church, and then called me at the church to tell me he had to go back in until 6:00 that evening.
    By the time he got home, Shannon and I were asleep on the couch. So, he and Joel stayed up watching comedy (christian) videos. They had a great time.

  9. Happy Anniversary to your sister!!!

    I was in awana when I was a kid. I loved that program. I loved Wednesday nights. It was a blessing to me.

    I teach Sunday school to the 4 and 5 year olds in my church. We are the movers and shakers. I love them kids. They are all so eager to learn and they teach you things. Things you wouldn’t think they could.

  10. This is my 8th year as the AWANA JV leader! I love JV kids!

    I’m so glad to hear you go and listen to verses. As a leader who has had a lot of help and a leader who has had almost none, you are KEY to peace of mind! Kudos!

  11. Hello again. Yes, this is Bethanne’s first year and she is a Cubby and Hannah’s second and she is a Spark this year. They enjoy it and I am allowed to stay at the church while they are there or even in the classes if I want. Since we don’t attend church there and don’t believe in church membership I couldn’t teach if I wanted to. I think it’s great that the classes you teach aren’t co-ed. The classes where we are are co-ed it hasn’t posed a problem yet but defitinitely under constant scrutiny.

    God bless.

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