November 9

I make cheeseies.

Cheeseies are a flour tortilla, with a small handful of shredded cheese~~any kind, but mostly cheddar~~spread artfully down the middle and rolled up, and nuked for 30 seconds.

I make this quick, delicious, nutritions  meal when there is nothing else easy to fix, and I don’t want to cook a meal for one person. Sometimes I get a little adventurous and add some leftover meat~~that is if Superman hasn’t snarfed it all~~or I will add more than one kind of cheese. That is only if I am feeling adventurous. The other night, I was super adventurous. I had about 1/8 cup of Mexican shredded cheese left, a bit of shredded cheddar, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. My sister doesn’t think I know adventure, but I do. 3 kinds of cheese…….ooooh baby! Let me tell you! I know adventure!

My burning question that I just gotta’ know is, what do you fix for yourself when there isn’t anything else and you don’t want to cook for just you?

November 8

I don’t much care for the little town that I live in, however, since our town is the county seat, we have a lovely court square. Our courthouse is beautiful, and they always keep the grounds very neat.

This is the last of the fall foliage we have here. Over the weekend it rained, the wind blew and now there is no foliage whatsoever. Just cold with a chance of snow for the next 5 months. News stations all over the country should consult me for weather forecasting.

I am already sick of the cold with a chance of snow, and it has only been upon us for a week and a half. For the next 5 months, you will occasionally hear me whine about it. Just warning you. It won’t be pleasant, and you will totally regret ever beginning to read my blog. I apologize now. I should do something as penance. I will eat some chocolate for each and every one of you in total sorrow for the pain that I will cause you over the winter months. I am sorry. Truly. I will start today. Hello Hersheys!

Do you like snow?

November 7

Out of 490 registered voters in the precinct that I live, 181 people voted. That is 37%. Not to bad, but I expected more since Mayor and a tax levy was on the table.

Yesterday was an adventure. My exciting job, was to take a pen and check people off a computer print out. At 11am, I had to post one copy of the list out by the front door so that any potential candidate might check and see who has voted, and call those that haven’t. Then from 11-4, I check off names on the second copy of said print out. At 4PM, I post the second copy over the top of the first copy and my job was done. However, I could not leave. I had to sit for 4, mind numbing hours doing nothing. I contemplated all the things that I could be doing at home. I could have been blogging, checking blogs, moping, folding laundry, playing solitaire, putting lotion on my hands, checking email, playing with my cats, cooking supper, grading papers, washing windows, cleaning the tub, or even the dreaded dusting. I could have been in my jammies, curled up in front of the TV watching Pirates 2, or ripping out the huge mistake I made on Superman’s sock. Instead, I sat there collecting 436 different strains of rhino virus. Today, Zicam and I are best buds!

Truly it was a great experience. I loved seeing government at work. I loved the process, however tedious it was, and I can not wait to do it again. Next time I will come more prepared. I will bring a pillow for my bum, I will bring a book for my eyes, and I will bring a face mask for the rhino virus.

How do you combat rhino virus?

November 6

Today is voting day, and since I am your certifiable certified poll worker, I will be gone all day long.

I got up today at dark’o’thirty. I even saw my husband before he went to work, and now I am busily writing down names, or asking to see ID’s or handing out stickers. I will be at this all day till 7:30 when the polls close. Don’tcha’ wanna be me? Don’tcha’ wish that you could get away from the house and the laundry and the cooking and the cleaning and the refereeing and the sweeping and the moping and the cat hair removing? I just know you do.

Do you have elections in your part of the world today?

November 5

Around 10 AM Bright and early Saturday morning, I had an appointment here.


To become a certifiable certified poll worker. Yep. ‘Tis true. I am now trained to ask your name, write it down in a book, look at your ID, hand you a voting card and a sticker. It took 2 very long hours, of me sitting on a cold, hard metal folding chair, to train me to do such things. I met some really nice, really old people there. I was the youngest one in the room. Had I been 20 years older, I still would have been the youngest one in the room.  Even our most recent ex-Congresswoman is working the polls.   I am hob-nobbing with the elite now.

Would you go sit for 2 hours, listening to women bicker, on a cold, hard metal chair for $25?

November 4

My dad, if he weren’t a pastor, would be a farmer. It is in his blood. I think he sweats farmer, even though he is a preacher.

He grew up working on his grandpa’s farm every summer.

He is the one in the middle…with his hands on his hips.

Saturday when the girl and I were out doing our Saturday thing, we came upon some tractors just parked in front of the museum. I don’t know why they were there, but they were. They beckoned me to stop and take a picture of them.

I saw them and I thought of my dad.

I wondered if he ever drove a tractor like this old Massey-Harris.

Or maybe something smaller and grayer like this smaller and grayer one.

Before my dad became a preacher, he worked for International Harvester, and whenever I see the IH symbol, or see an old tractor, I think of my dad.   Love you daddy!

On a totally different topic, did you set your clocks back an hour?  I love that extra hour of sleep!!!

Did you know that the Amish do not spring forward or fall back their clocks?

November 3

Elaine, this is for you. Nothing to do with dusting or sweeping or moping or scrubbing or swishing or shining or bleaching grout, or getting cob webs off the ceiling or in any other way cleaning.

I can’t decide whether to make mittens in this lovely shade of pink, or make it pink and another color.

What do you think?

November 2

Well, I tried several other blog skins. One I loved working with the color. I could make it pink, but I couldn’t get the tabs off the header. THAT bothered me, so I am back to this.

It is Friday, and I have a burning question.

Do you mop your kitchen floor, or do you let your pet slurp up the yum-yums that are dropped?

If you actually do mop your floor, how often do you do said terrible chore? Do you have a sponge mop, a string mop or do you mop on your hands and knees? Do you use a special cleaner, or do you make your own?

I just gotta know.  Tell me, tell me.

November 1

Tuesday mornings in the fall and winter, I allow myself one little treat. A mug of hot chocolate. Please see my recipe. Please make it. If you do, you will never go back to a mix, a box of packets, or even some high priced wanna be. This stuff is the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted, and let me say that I have tasted a lot of hot chocolate.

Sometimes the daughter makes it for me and she, knowing how much I am devoted to all things chocolate, gives me a little extra somein’-somein’.

I thought I’d share.

Isn’t she sweet?  It is just to good not to try.

Do you drink something warm in the morning to get you going?