November 30

Tomorrow is December 1, and I haven’t decorated my house for Christmas yet. I am a Scrooge. I like to wait, because I don’t want to become desensitized to the season, and I want my kids to anticipate it. I remember the anticipation was almost to much for me to bear. The beauty of the lights, the smell of the tree and the fun decorating it. Yep…I am mean like that.

So, I just gotta know. Have you decorated yet?

Do you decorate for Christmas?

Do you decorate a lot?

Do you put lights outside?

Does your house look like Tim Taylors?

Do you use a real or fake tree?

Do you decorate every room in the house?

Details ladies. I must know!

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  1. Yes, I’ve decorated. My hubby carried the tree up from the basement, pulled the plastic down that was covering it, fluffed it a bit and plugged it in. The tree is in the corner, close to the fireplace. We’re done. Tree on. Fire going. Perfect!

    It’s a 6 ft artificial tree that’s kept decorated all year long. We have a red tree bag that we tuck under the tree skirt that we pull up and over the whole tree and tie at the top to keep dust off of it for storage purposes.

    We don’t do outdoor lights. I do have electric candles I sometimes put in the front windows of the house and some electric garland I wrap around the stair banister; this was all before the kittens arrived this summer. So far they’ve left the tree completely alone – not sure I want to tempt this and add more. I have time yet to decide. 😉

  2. Nope, haven’t decorated yet,we don’t usually do that until the 2nd week of December. We have a fake tree. It is a prelit. It is only 4 feet high. We put up stockings and have a little Christmas town we put on the mantle but, that is about it. The kids are trying to get me to pull the stuff out this weekend but, that would entail me unblocking the attic door and I just don’t feel like putting all those clothes away yet. lol. We are planning on making some crafts like snowflakes and other things to decorate. All their idea so, we’ll do it. They did it for Thanksgiving and we had a blast.

    I am so not in the spirit of Christmas this year. I might get into it later. With all of their enthusiasim I might not be able to help it.

    Hugs. Don’t feel like you HAVE to be in the Christmas mood. It is ok.

  3. So far, I have put a bow on the door.
    We use a fake tree. Tim loves trees and usually there is a tree in each bedroom, one in the living room, one in the dining room and sometimes, one in the kitchen.
    I prefer simplicity, Tim loves to decorate big. So, I let him do any additional decorating beyond what I think there should be.

  4. We started decorating yesterday. I do a ton of decorating so it’ll take several days. We bought a 7′ pre-lit tree last year. Hubby & son handled that. I’ll decorate it, hopefully, today. They will also put icicle lights across the front of the house.

    Most every room has some type of decorations in it. Greenery w/gold ribbon is above most doors. Since this is the 1st year with a digital camera, I’ll be taking lots of pictures to post in my blog.

  5. We put the tree up last night. We are having our Open House on the 9th so I have to hurry and get it done.

    My plans are not to decorate as heavy as I usually do. We have Candles in the windows and Dad will put wreaths outside for me and of course wreaths on the door.

    Today I will TRY to get the rest of the decorating done, but it seems to take me longer each year.

    We had a real tree last year because that’s what mom wanted but we went fake this year. I prefer real trees, but those needles are really dry and prickly by the time we take the tree down.

    I prefer a fresh tree put up a week or two before Christmas, but if I’m going to all that trouble I want to enjoy it awhile. When I was younger it didn’t bother me so much to wait…of course it didn’t take me as long to decorate either LOL!

  6. We are really behind this year. I usually have all the decorating complete by now.It takes me about 2 days to finish it all.
    We decorate all the rooms on main floor. Wrap garland and lights on the deck. And ya gotta have big red bows!!
    This year we are putting up a small artificial tree in the basement for the kids to decorate their way. Our main tree is real.
    Hopefully we will start putting it all up tonight and finish on Sunday. Tis the season for basketball-Sat.

  7. So, I just gotta know. Have you decorated yet?
    Yes, I am done decorating. We are having our Bible Study group over after the Church Christmas Concert tomorrow evening so I wanted everything up.
    Do you decorate for Christmas?
    Yes, absolutely!
    Do you decorate a lot?
    Yes, absolutely! I have a 6-1/2 foot tree in the front window, a 4 feet tree for the kid’s ornaments in the family room, a 4 feet tree just with white lights and some garland on our front porch, and a brand-new 3 foot fiber-optic tree in the hallway. I have about 8 large plastic boxes of decorations.
    Do you put lights outside?

    Does your house look like Tim Taylors?
    No, not quite. We are not big on lights. We have the tree on the front porch, a red spotlight and a green spotlight on the porch, some garland on the railing, and some wreaths. Also a large painted snowman cut-out that my husband made. That’s it for outside.
    Do you use a real or fake tree?
    Fake. That’s how I was raised. That’s all I know.
    Do you decorate every room in the house?
    Yes, on the mail floor. There are decorations in the computer room, kitchen, family room, bathroom and outside. I completely remove the baskets from above the cabinets in the kitchen and replace them with stuffed animals. I completely remove all the stuff on the built-ins in the family room and replace them with decorations. It’s a total transformation.

  8. We have 2 trees up. One is real (family room) and one is fake (formal livingroom). We put them up every Thanksgiving night. It’s a tradition and kind of a “kick-off” for the Christmas season. I have my mantel decorated in the family room with knick-knacks about Christmas. I am decorating the outside of the house today since the hubby is home. We put net lights on the bushes and I have these annoying snowflake lights that blink, blink, blink that probably drive the people across the street CRAZY!!! LOL
    I do not decorate all rooms of my house. Two rooms and that’s usually it. I wouldn’t say I go all out. Just mildly.

  9. Yep, we have seven trees in our house. One in the living room, three in the kitchen, one in each of the girls rooms and one in the bathroom. I need to buy one for the schoolroom as well. The new dog even has a tree of her own. The only decorating I do outside is to put wreaths on the windows.

    Three in the kitchen? Your kitchen must either be huge, or the trees must be tiny.

  10. Sad to say, not yet. I wanted to decorate Thanksgiving night & every day since but I just haven’t yet. If I had Sarah I’d decorate every room lavishly, but Alas, I don’t… I did buy 4 fingertip towels for my bathrooms…Woo hoo!!!!! I do it ALLLLL alone. I hope this year’s tree looks as good as last year’s. it is Fake I refuse to clean pine needles at my advanced age. I got a nice $100+ value tree at walmart 2 years ago for $30 & the real trees start at$29.95 & mine is perfect & will last for 10-15 years. In a few years I may get a 4 ft tree & give this to one of the kids. I will eventually downsize .

  11. Yes, our tree is up, since we live in an apartment we are stuck with a fake tree *sniff*, it is however very pretty at 6 feet tall and prelit. We have lights across the balcony doors and the kitchen window, no room for our christmas village, We have a nativity to set up this weekend as soon as I clean off my desk. I have christmas music playing quite a bit. I would decorate more if we were in a house. I do have christmas towels and potholders out,as well as stockings by the door. As I type the kids are watching TSO’s Ghost of Christmas Past. Yes, we love christmas in our house, it never becomes less than the utmost importance in our lives, no matter how early we start decorating. I still cry at the christmas eve service because of God’s love and mercy. We will be working on a nativity lapbook after my finals for our schooling as well as baking, candy making, and wrapping presents. I bought Tommy a photobook of our favorite pictures of this past year. I can’t wait until he opens it.

    *Merry Christmas*

  12. Have you decorated yet?

    Do you decorate for Christmas?
    Yes I do. The kids help and hubby puts up the lights outside on the house & wherever outside I want them. 😀

    Do you decorate a lot?
    Not as much as I’d like due to space. I try to add something new each year but don’t always manage to do so.

    Do you put lights outside?
    When hubby is able to do so.

    Does your house look like Tim Taylors?
    NO! We can’t afford that electric bill.

    Do you use a real or fake tree?
    Fake – I like to have my tree up for about a month so a real tree isn’t practicle and up here they are very expensive unless you cut one down yourself from the state parks and then it’s hard to find a good tree.

    Do you decorate every room in the house?
    I usually put something up in the main bathroom by way of towels & candles. The kitchen gets festive candles, potholders & towels as well as lights in the window. The dining room gets a prelit garland in the window, new table cloth & table decorations. The living room gets the most decorated since that’s where the front door is and the tree is there as well.

    As soon as I’ve got the decorations all up and the boxes back under the house I’ll take pictures and post them on my blog.

  13. Have you decorated yet? Yes, I decorated the Tuesday before Thanksgiving because I was off.

    Do you decorate for Christmas? Yes

    Do you decorate a lot? I scaled back this year

    Do you put lights outside? Yes, colored

    Does your house look like Tim Taylors? No way!

    Do you use a real or fake tree? Fake

    Do you decorate every room in the house? Just the downstairs rooms, but mostly the family room

  14. HAS to be a fresh tree so we only get it the week b4 Christmas. We usually put up lights on the house and sufficient decorations inside on the mantel, stair rails etc…

    Only Decorate the entrance way and downstairs rooms.

  15. I’ll answer in my blog later….right now I have to make snacks for two little boys who are apparently about to die from starvation.

  16. I love to decorate for Christmas. Every room has something in it. Some have a lot more than others. I used to have an egg shaped candle in my fridge. It has disappeared. We will do the outside lights this next week(hopefully) before Jarrod starts his winter quarter. We have a fake tree(due to Jarrod’s allergies) It is a small one this year. Only 5′. We need to start downsizing. When Jarrod gets through school and finds a good job, he will be moving out, and then we will be going into an apartment. (Or maybe a home for the bewildered)

  17. 1. I have not decorated.
    2. I decorate if I have time, otherwise, no.
    3. I have the capability for decorating a lot. I have a lot of stuff in the attic.
    4. Lights outside – almost never, but I have wrapped the front porch columns with greenery and lights a few times.
    5. Tim Taylor can relax around me.
    6. Fake, unless I drag something in from the woods.
    7. Not in years, but I have with the exception of the smallest bathroom and the laundry room (those don’t count). 😉

  18. I’m a car caring Christmas Whore – I love it all and decorate as soon as possible (which is when my husband won’t divorce me if I bring out the decorations!) I blogged about this very thing AND posted a pic of the tree the very day it went up. Christmas could last all year and I would be one happy chic!


  19. THe kids put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I would wait, but I also don’t want to do it, so more power to them. They also put out the Nativity and decorated the table with a candle centerpiece that they devised. It looks great. Beacause I didn’t do it. I will also not be the one to clean it all up. I have them put it all away on Christmas Day. After the presents are all put away.

    Am I a Scrooge?

    Oh well.

  20. YES!! We’ve been decorated for 5 days now!!
    I am glad. We have so much fun decorating and trimming the tree!! We do have some outside lights on our porch this year. I wanted my NayNay to have some outside lights for his house!! Hope to have even more next year!! Yay!!!!!!

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