November 29

I am about to admit something to you, that I haven’t admitted to very many people. Actually, only 2-3 know this.

I am a closet Trekkie. I had a crush on Captain James T. Kirk. He was strong, in control, fought for the weak, and upheld the law. I love listening to Scotty’s brogue. I totally, thoroughly and happily revel in Bone’s sarcasm, and I wanted to be calm, cool, and logical like Spock.

I have created a Trekkie too. The boy just loves Sci-Fi, but really loves Star Trek. From the library, he has gotten the entire season 2, and in every spare moment, he is watching it. Sadly, I am sitting there right along with him too. Takingย  in all the hokeyness and loving every minute of it.

Last Saturday, Superman steam cleaned the carpet. He only had time to do half of it, so he finished it the other night.

After supper, the guys wanted to watch TV, but the carpet was still wet. Desperate, they came up with a solution.

Trash bags. They invited me to join them, but there is no way I would sit on a trash bag. Not even for Star Trek.

I sat here at my desk, watching secretly and comfortably in my chair.

Can you guess why I wanted to be like Lt. Uhura?

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13 thoughts on “November 29”

  1. LOL Girl – you crack me up! We too are Trekkies, but of a slightly later Generation; the Next Generation, to be exact. We also love DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. I’m a leader – I am Janeway!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I love coming to your site every morning just to see what is going on. I remember watching Star Trek as a kid and when working midnights in the ER it was on in the background. Lt Uhura was smart, sexy and got to kiss Captian Kirk in one episode that was ground breaking.

  3. Wasn’t she green or something? I’m sure it was an interracial kiss. Kirk would kiss aliens, even . . .

    You know, I think my carpet may have been that color at one time. We’ve been here almost 4 years now. . . time for a cleaning?

  4. Cc you can have Kirk, but I will fight anyone to the death for Captain Picard. The man doth make this heart a flutter. But I do like Scotty, his accent is very endearing.

    It’s gotta be the kiss. Love the trash bags. I have budding sci-fi freaks too. They can’t help it, both their parents are. (I think dorkiness is hard wired into ones DNA) I often hear one of my boys say “Today is a good day to die”.

  5. Hey Tanya! I’ve never really watched Star Trek (EVER!) Sorry, didn’t even know who Lt. Uhura was. *shrugs*

    On my xanga, you can view my photos and see pics of my puppies. They are 2 mini-dachshunds. Buck and Bailey. We got them in August.

  6. We all love Star Trek. We watch it on cable sometimes. I also liked Captain Picard. I wanted to be Uhura because she was pretty and wore those cute outfits. She always seemed so in control.

  7. I’m a Trekie as well, making my kids into ones as well!!
    We like watching them on a local station on Sat & Sun afternoons.

    I liked Uhura as well. She was always in on the important stuff and knew how to keep a secret. She knew who she could trust and she knew how to use what she had to her advantage…when necessary.

  8. I actually got to meet Lt. Uhura, I mean Nichelle Nichols. (Yes, I’ll admit to going to a Star Trek convention. It was in the late 80’s when I was in college.) She is so amazingly beautiful in person and very gracious too. She got a kick out of me telling her that I was a Communications major because of her. Geez, was I a dork or what?

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