November 28

Fast forward 3 years

Imagine, if you will that you don’t like bugs.  You could even say that you prefer mice to bugs.  Some are tolerable, but you especially dislike spiders. I know that this will not be a stretch for some of you.
Now imagine if you will it is a Sunday morning. You are sitting in Sunday School. The room is quiet except for the teacher. ( Does any of this sound familiar?) You are busy listening, glancing down at your Bible and Sunday school book, and just for hypothetical sake, you happen to see something moving on your dress. Your brain instantly registers it is a spider.

Do you…

  1. Calmly squish it between your fingers.
  2. Control yourself just enough, making a quiet “eww it’s a spider” sound and brush it away, or
  3. Give into your primal urges, scream bloody murder, scare the teacher and the rest of you class over a spider that is the size of a pencil eraser.
  4. Decide that you will never go to Sunday school again in that classroom.

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18 thoughts on “November 28”

  1. Close to #2. I would not make a noise and then I would step on it, once it was on the floor. However, one time…

    I was in a small church choir. The choir director was TERRIFIED of spiders. I was in the second row and sat next to the pastor’s wife. The choir was standing up singing a special, when this HUGE spider came up on the back of the girl in front of us who was right in front of the choir director. That sweet pastor’s wife, knowing the choir director was scared silly of spiders grabbed the spider, held it in her hand while jiggling it the whole time until the song was over and we sat down. Then she dropped it and stepped on it. I told her she was a brave woman. I was getting ready to flick it and it would have probably landed on the director’s music sheet. =) I think we would have seen a fresh fire from the Holy Spirit!!!

  2. While I dont’ like spiders on me at all and being that I am a Sunday school teacher of 3-6 year olds, I’d do either #1 or #2. I usually have tissues on the table for the runny noses that usually come to SS and so I’d use one the squash the spider and dump it in the trash can. Hopefully doing all of this w/o the kids even noticing.

  3. 3 and 4 most definitely!!! I woke up one night to one of those big wood spiders sitting on my chest….I screamed bloody murder and it took my parents a month to get me to go back in that room to sleep. Even then I wouldn’t sleep without any lights on….I’s a sceered of spiders.

  4. #2 is what I’d do.

    Thanks for the comment on my xanga site. I’m doing fine. Just busy and not much computer time anymore. Thanks for missin’ me. Love ya!

  5. I would do number 2. I try not to kill spiders if I can help it and set them free outside. But some are just too icky (read poisonous) to allow them to continue to live where they may harm one of mine. Spiders don’t really scare me. Mice and cockroaches do.

  6. I think #2. I hate spiders,but I would try to be dignified. My boys both hate spiders with a passion, as does my hubby. I have to be MOM the spider killer.

  7. Our computer was undone for a while so my computer man could upgrade it. I lost the boy’s blog and every time I try to get it it says the author has closed it down. Is this true? Maybe I am trying the wrong address. Help!

    He just told me that he has closed it.

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