November 27

Imagine if you will that you do not like mice. Yes, they are small, yes they are furry, but they have beady little eyes and a long tail, and they leave little gross gifties for you to find everywhere they have been. They procreate more than rabbits and spread all sorts of nasty disease.

Now, imagine if you will, that you attend a church that is in the middle of nowhere. A corn field sits in front of it, and on one side. Pasture surrounds the rest of the church. It is the middle of winter three years ago, and you are sitting in Sunday School, listening to the teacher. She pauses, looking at the floor directly beside you. She quietly but urgently says “CC, don’t move.” Of course, you look where she is looking only to see a mouse, scurrying directly to your feet, and begin to climb up your foot.

Do you…

  1. Kick it off, like it is no big deal?
  2. Jump up and and try to stomp it?
  3. Give into your primal urge and scream bloody murder, scaring the teacher and all who are in your class, never putting your feet back on the floor for the rest of the lesson?

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16 thoughts on “November 27”

  1. Well, ideally, I would like to do No. 1. But, unfortunately, in reality, if we’re serious here, well… I would probably do No. 3. There have been many times when I was in total control of myself, only to fall apart at something like that and then look back at it in wonderment. WHY do I do that!?!?! LOL! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh definately #3. The very first home the Dh and I lived in backed onto a large paddock and creek. In winter we got mice. Icky yucky smelly dirty little rodents. I was sitting on our lovely second hand faux leather lounge and I could hear a scratching noise. Silly me, I pulled the lounge out to find a family of mice had eaten through the back and were living inside the lounge. My screams could have woken the dead. They did wake the Dh. I made him carry me to the bathroom to tinkle and then carry me back to bed. I couldn’t put my feet on the ground I was terrified.

    He thought it was a hillarious that a farm girl like me who could pluck and gut chickens and shave pig carcasses would be scared of a little mouse. We never got mice at the farm….we had cats. Oh I hate rodents. (And cockroaches. Rodents cockroaches and maggots bring out every irrational fear and icky feeling I have)

    Ewww. I have shivers now.

  3. CC, what did you do??

    I did #3, of course. Everyone in the room had a great laugh, but everyone in the room had their feet off the floor for the rest of the lesson. The next week, we saw several mouse traps in the room. It made us all very happy!

  4. Seeing this late as I didn’t get online much yesterday.

    I’d probably do all 3 in very close succession but possibly not in that order. Since I teach a pre-k & kind. class I would hopefully be able to contain my self so as to not frighten the kids but someone would need to be in there dealing with the problem before I’d let those kids stay any longer.

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