November 26

Yesterday was the last of our cake decorating classes. As much as I have enjoyed them, I much more enjoy laying on the couch all afternoon doing nothing. Cause I am lazy like that.

This last day was decorating a wedding cake, or a stacked cake, or a tiered cake of some sort. Mine needed more icing on the sides. My only excuse is that I was icing the cake at 25% brain power, and was 75% asleep.

Here it is, in all of its crumby glory.

Here is the boy’s. I think he did a great job.

His icing was thin as well. We need to work on that.

I really wish I could say that this cake was mine, but it isn’t. The dear woman who sits next to me in class, and has come over for me to tutor made this cake. It was the best cake there.

She did an outstanding job. I am so proud of her!

So, now I can be in the cake business. I need a name for it. Give me some ideas.

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20 thoughts on “November 26”

  1. Cakes by Chocolatechic, Of Course!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving.

    Hugs to you too. I hope you and M had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Wow!!! Very Impressive. I definately think you should do something with the cake decorating, could be very lucrative. For a name, hmm…. too bad Paula Deen took “Lady and Sons”.
    The last cake is pretty but it looks like maybe she used the dreaded fondant.

    Yeah…she used the dreaded fondant.

  3. All the cakes are pretty, but I liked yours the best, because I don’t like plastic things or fondant on cakes. Those roses would have been nice on your cake, too. Good job! How about ChocolateChicCakes? 😉

  4. My daughter and I want to try cake decorating, we just can’t seem to get the schedule to work.

    for the name how about “Chocalate Chic’s Cakes” you could always add and son to the end.

  5. Go with something French. What is the french word for cake or cake with fancy frosting? It would make you sound all hoity toity and then you could charge more!
    I looked it up – the French word for cake is Le Gateau. How about Le Gateau Chateau? Oh yeah – that’s what I’m talking about.

  6. Picking a name can be tricky. You have to find one that people can understand (know what business you are in) and that they’ll remember. If you & the boy are going into business together then maybe something like the TanDe Cakes & Treats would be good, or change Treats to Sweets.

    Another name for both of you would be Chic & Chip Cakes.

    If it’s just you… CC’s Sweets & Treats or maybe CC’s Cakes.

    I think that your cake is beautiful, I like that I know you didn’t use any fondant rather the buttercream I’m sure 😀

    I want to reserve you and the boy right now to make my girl’s wedding cake…. in about 15 years! 😆

  7. Chocolate & Chip’s Cakes? Beefcake cracked me up. Big Chocolate Tiers? Chocolate Chips Dough? Sifted Cakes? Slightly Sifted Chocolate? I think I gave myself a brain cramp – I’ll stop now. 🙂

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